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“You’ve Killed Your Husband And Father”- The Story Of A ‘Cursed’ Woman

Image Courtesy: Mayuri Banerjee

Let me introduce myself as “Joyee”, that is, the person who has won the race. My story is all about the failures, the sufferings and the achievements that I have faced throughout my life.

I will not term this as a typical love story but it’s an incomplete one that helped me become the person I am today. You know, I have always dreamt of a “happy family” but unfortunately, my destiny never wanted that for me. Or maybe I wasn’t supposed to enjoy such a luxurious thing, I don’t know?

My childhood was quite simple like every other girl out there. However, things took a drastic turn when I got admitted to Vishva Bharati University. I met someone, let me name him Vijay, who literally shaped my entire life. He was studying some thesis at the same university. Luckily, we met each other, sparks flew and in a blink of an eye, I was in a relationship with the man I never knew I needed so much.

We had a really healthy love life. Both of our parents were also happy for us and decided to tie us in a knot. Just a few days before my marriage Vijay suddenly called me up and said that “I have to visit Germany for a few research work, let us meet in Howrah station from where I will be boarding the train to Bombay”. Naturally, I was upset a lot as just before marriage he had to plan this? But on the other side, I was glad for him as it was a part of his dream too.

I still memorized the day when I went to bid Vijay a happy farewell but who knew it was the last time I was seeing him? Vijay was standing at one side of the road. I was standing on the other side of the road while he stood at the other end getting ready to come towards me. A bus crossed our path and as it moved away, I looked at Vijay. He was lying flat on the street without any movement.


I immediately rushed towards him and I was sure that the bus didn’t hit him. There’s no way it was a hit and run. When I reached the spot what I saw shook me to the core. His head was crushed. How? What happened?

Well, a rock came under the wheels of the moving bus which slipped and hit Vijay’s head, taking his life instantly. My whole world came crumbling down. It felt like the ground beneath my feet is snatched away within a second. Accidents happen, cars hit human, it happens. But what happened to Vijay was something right out of a Final Destination movie. Not normal, not at all. Was it his bad luck or mine? I still don’t know.

It took a lot of my time to cope up with this trauma. Thanks to my friends and family for staying right beside me during this traumatic phase. I was sure I would never fall in love again. I knew I could never love anyone like I did Vijay. But destiny had different plans for me.

Rajiv, a friend of Vijay was one of the few friends who stayed beside me during the rough time. He comforted me and visited my house every now and then. I couldn’t understand when he came into my life, turned into a part of it and brought the lost smile back on my face. Suddenly, things look hopeful for me again. I was again in love. We got married and were blessed with a baby girl soon. Finally, I thought, maybe there is a ‘happily ever after’. But little did I know, my destiny always had different plans for me.

Rajiv used to work with some Chinese agencies and was planning to visit China soon on a special requirement. Some days before when Rajiv was scheduled to go to China, we went to a marriage ceremony in Birbhum. Before going to the venue, Rajiv went to the washroom to get fresh. He did not come out after several hours. Everyone was worried and the relatives finally decided to break the door.


We found Rajiv lying on the floor, unconscious. Immediately, he was taken to a hospital in Kolkata. We were worried and waiting for the doctor to update us on Rajiv’s health. A few moments later, the doctor who was checking him said something that literally split my world in half. “ Rajiv has a special kind of disease. He had three tumours at the back of his head. Two of them have already burst and the last one remaining may take his life anytime”.

The doctor further said, “Only two doctors in Kolkata will be able to do the operation. One among them is practising abroad and the other was in Bangalore”. We were hopeful as these words were like a ray of sunlight on a dark gloomy day. After a lot of requesting and donating a handsome amount of money, we somehow managed to bring the doctor from Bangalore for the operation. But, as I said before, my fate had its own story written for me. The operation was not successful as the third tumour blasted soon. There stood me and my 2 years old daughter, all alone, clueless about what our life is going to be like? It was like the roof over my head is taken away from me, and this time from my daughter as well.

Yes, I never had a financial crisis but you know there is something more valuable than money which I lacked for the most part of my life. In a few days, my father also passed away as he was suffering from the last stage of cancer. You know, it literally felt like I was a cursed one! And people did actually called me that. I didn’t blame them actually. Things did seem like that, didn’t they?

My friends and relatives from my hometown called me to stay over there as I had nothing left in Kolkata now. But you know, somewhere in my heart, I felt the presence of Rajiv all the time and I felt comfort in that house. I was unable to leave this home.

At that point in my life, all I knew was I have to raise my daughter well and I can never let her feel the absence of the most important person in her life, her father. Neighbours used to call me inauspicious and often I was not allowed at many holy ceremonies. Even my mother once told me that “You killed both your father and husband”. But this time, I wondered, did I actually kill them? Was it really my fault? However, I couldn’t let these complication harm my daughter in any way. She was the only beacon of hope left in this deserted life.

Yes, my daughter also passed through a quite complicated phrase from childhood but somehow these occurrences made her strong enough to fight and stand tall in front of a cruel world.

Keeping all these aside, soon I opened an organization in the name of my husband. The main goal was to provide free education and school essentials to those who didn’t have access to such privileges. You know, it was something that actually gave me happiness after so many years. The smiles on the faces of those children made me feel like, “Maybe, just maybe, I have found the purpose of my life”. Luckily, things went very adequately from then onwards. Surprisingly, my fate was on my side.

Students over there often participated in diverse cultural programs in Kolkata and got much gratitude and appreciation from the audience. And the children, they always showed so much love towards me and it often made me teary-eyed. As I was saying before, “There is something more valuable than money which I lacked for the rest of my life”, there it was. The unconditional love and affection that I finally found from my daughter, ‘Khushi’ and all the children of my foundation.

Through a lot of sufferings and hardships, I have finally found my salvation, peace. It felt like I have really done something that my father, Rajiv, and Vijay, each one of them would be proud of. And you know what? My daughter is a successful doctor now, saving lives and making me proud. As for me, I am more than happy with my organisation, the kids and the life I am blessed with. You see, there was indeed a ‘happily ever after’ for me.

That is all about me. I am sure at some point in your life, you have also endured a lot of hardships. We all have. It’s a way of life. After all, “We all suffer, but we recover just to discover LIFE, where we all are!”

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