Joe Biden good or bad for India? 

Joe Biden (File Image)
Joe Biden (File Image)

For the last 70 years, the US Presidents have been playing a crucial role in international politics, especially when it comes to forming allies, listing rules, commitments, and institutions across all big and small nations.

Post the victory in the US election, Joe Biden, like the other presidents of the US, wrote a very self-serving and biased view for the security of America as well as India. 

According to some political experts, choosing Biden over Trump could possibly bring a vast change in the whole economy. Biden’s method in distinction to Trump mostly counts on how the US and other countries can rest out in this pandemic situation. 

How the changes will affect the Indian Government and Economy?

Several ways can impact the all-around economy of India. However, the Indians should not worry as he is expected to be a good luck charm for them. 

Biden’s presidency declares medicines to be manufactured in India along with fast clearance of modern drug applications and proper analyses in India. He obeys The Affordable Care Act also called Obama care, which intends for reducing Healthcare Costs and enhancing Healthcare insurances. 

Vinita Gupta, CEO of Lupin in Mumbai states that “with the President-elect’s campaign promise of lowering healthcare costs, we expect there to be an even stronger focus on generics to introduce material savings”.

The India-US defense and cooperation on the other hand will remain the same as before. But  US Former President Donald Trump’s son said in an event that “Joe Biden is not Good for India as he could be soft on China”. However, there are no such indications in Biden’s outlook. The Biden administration has promised to help India against China instead of collaborating. 

Would The Biden Presidency prove bad for Indians?

The answer may be like this, Briden is Good for Indians but not for The Modi Government. Joe’s follows different sets of principles in contrast to Narendra Modi’s Government Policy on Citizenship Amendment Act and  Kashmir’s Policy. Moreover, recent testimony by Madan Sabnavis of CARE states that India always has a good trade surplus with the US. The Trading record is about $17.3 billion in the year 2019-2020. Biden is likely to be less obvious than The Trump administration on this policy.  Why so?

Well, Trump played a Xero-gameplay where a country has to lose for another profit. Whereas, Biden believes that trade is meant to get equal benefits. Therefore the rules of trading will change across the world.

Last but not the least, Biden Government has ensured to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord that may help various countries such as India to deal with several challenges. This administration provides a more detailed evaluation of the civil liberties and democratic rights of India that Trump never peeked at. 


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