Why World Nature Conservation Day Is Important?

World Nature Conservation Day

Every year on July 28, World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of protecting Mother Earth. It is critical for both renewable and nonrenewable energy sources along with the sustainability of life on Earth.

Overview of World Nature Conservation Day

  • World Conservation Day is the name of the day (event) (WNCD).
  • Organization Involved – General Assembly of the United Nations.
  • Members of the United Nations have observed this.
  • Climate Change Awareness Programs and Campaigns.
  • Celebrated on July 28.
  • Celebration Locations All Over the World.
  • www.un.org is the official website of the United Nations.
  • Nature conservation has a specific meaning.

What is The Significance of World Nature Conservation Day?

We began to over-exploit our resources as a result of overpopulation and human negligence. If this trend continues, there will be no resources left for our children and grandchildren. The following reasons exist for the need to conserve resources:

  • To sustain life by promoting ecological balance.
  • Keep in mind that future generations have access to the resources.

How Human Activities are Giving Rise to Coronavirus-Like Pandemics!

There are two ways in which environmental change is increasing the threat of pandemics like the current coronavirus outbreak:

First, as human settlements and agricultural land clearing have expanded, so have transition zones between ecosystems. It causes species from different habitats to mix and interact in novel ways. These new contacts open up new opportunities for diseases to cross species boundaries, as coronavirus did.

Hence, the loss of biodiversity is the second most important driver of the emergence of zoonotic diseases. Disease vectors – animals that carry and transmit an infectious pathogen – are more likely to feed on vertebrates as biodiversity declines than other species that are no longer as abundant. These species then serve as the pathogen’s primary reservoir.

There is also a focus on preserving the various components of it. Flora and fauna, energy resources, soil water, and air are examples of these.

This event is to know the importance of a healthy and well-functioning environment in maintaining a stable and productive human society.

Although, it also emphasizes the importance of preserving the environment for future generations.

History of The World Nature Conservation Day:

The day’s history and origin are unknown. Human greed has resulted in the exploitation of natural resources. Therefore, the day to raise awareness about natural resource management and utilization.


World Conservation Day serves as a reminder of how important it is to protect Mother Earth. The World Nature Conservation Day recognizes that a healthy environment is a foundation for a stable and productive society.

Steps you can take at home to contribute to nature conservation:

1. Avoid using chemicals in your garden or green space: Reduce the number of herbicides and pesticides you use. These chemicals kill butterflies, moths, and other pollinating insects like ladybirds, beetles, and spiders.

2.Buy locally and organically: Buy fresh organic food is a great way to support local farmers, reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Reduce, reuse, and recycle: Reducing the amount of “stuff” you consume has environmental benefits. It is preferable to avoid waste in the first place, so consider your purchases more carefully. Reusing items saves the natural resources and energy required to produce new ones, as well as money.

4. Energy-saving appliances: Begin to consider and invest in energy-saving appliances. Switch to LED light bulbs, which use less energy and help you save money on your electricity bill.

5. Avoid purchasing single-use plastics: When you’re out and about, keep a flask or reusable bottle in your bag. Make this a habit and eliminate 52 bottles from your weekly shopping list, preventing 52 bottles from ending up in landfills and the oceans.

Hence, a man comes into contact with it from the moment he is born. World nature conservation is critical to the preservation of the Earth’s natural environment. Thus the various components of its are water, air, soil, energy, vegetation, minerals, fauna, and so on – can help to restore the earth’s beauty.

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