Why The Current Education System Needs to Change?

education system

Education is one of the basic needs/rights that everyone should get. Proper education helps us to mold our lives is a most and also helps in the development of our country. In India, the education system has come a long way. From studying Vedas, Purans, and Upanishads in Gurukools to studying in Hi-tech modern schools, colleges, and institutes, everything has evolved with time. But still, lots of changes are needed in the current education system of India.

We have to make this system better and impactful. We do make our children literate but not educated enough to deal with the current education policies and systems. They do have theoretical knowledge but they don’t know where to use it and how to use it.

There is no denying that with time our education system has evolved and got better. The government is working on reforming the present education system. However, many flaws still exist in our education system that needs to be changed as soon as possible.

Some of the most required changes are listed below: 

1. Evaluation/Grading System: Yes, this is where we need to make the first change. In India, marks have always been given more weightage than the other important skills, talents, and extra curriculum activities. Students are always under pressure of getting good marks to have a better and bright future. But in reality, we all know that marks don’t play important role in career building as skills and talents do. There is less emphasis on creativity and skill development in our education system. Completion of the syllabus is more important than conducting debates, discussions, and other activities.

2. Eradicate Rot Learning: Ask a child to recite a poem. He/she will recite it in a single breath without knowing what that poem actually means. That’s rot learning. In India, schools and colleges just make children/students memorize everything without making them understand the actual concept behind it. Conceptual learning is a much-needed change in our education system. The knowledge students get should be relevant to the job market. In that way, they’ll always have an edge in the interviews.

3. Lack of Skillful Teachers and Instructors: There have been several instances where we have seen that a secondary level teacher; especially of government schools doesn’t have primary level knowledge. We need to change this. Government should make it mandatory to recruit skillful, knowledgeable, and well-qualified teachers and professors in educational institutions in India. They should be properly trained so that they can make students learn in a better educational environment.

4. Limited Technology-based learning: The whole world has introduced technology-based learning, but India still lags behind in this. However, during the covid-19 era, we have seen the rise in online and technology-based education. But due to the digital divide, there were many problems during this phase. A recent survey shows that 97% of the parents in rural India want schools to reopen. The reason? Unfamiliarity and no access to technology.

Therefore, the implication of technology-driven learning in schools and colleges, especially in rural India is the need of the hour. . It will help students learn technology right from the early days and in later times they will not feel alienated towards it.

All these points will help in making India’s education system better. Though there are many other changes required for the betterment of our education system, these were the most basic and important ones. Our education system should be more focused on skill developments, creative learning, talent orientation, and conceptual learning. Altogether, this will help in nation-building and development.

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