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Southern India is always considered differently than the rest of the states in India. It is evident that the South is extremely developed both economically and politically.

The two main reasons for South India being so well developed are a better education system and better healthcare. North India has a great variation among the mentality of the voters that results in massive up and down for all the parties prevailing over there. In contrast to that, Southern states like Kerala let no other party enjoy their monopoly rather than LDF and UDF.

The Left Front, which once led the state of West Bengal in almost a monopolistic manner, has proved to be of much potential in the governmental performance in the South. The assertive citizens of the South also govern to a peaceful political competition. North India on the other hand, only the AAP Government has taken proper responsibility for making a citizen responsive government.


A recent study says that the quality of governance and leadership has set the Southern states far ahead of Northern ones creating a huge gap in terms of per capita income, politics, poverty, and a lot more. There was a time when people from the south used to migrate north in search of employment. Currently, the scenario has been completely changed.

The overall GDP of the South is quite impressive. As published by RBI, it indicates that there is a vast difference between the northern and southern states. Southern along with western states are developing with a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate as well as Per-capita gross State Domestic Product. From the past few years, a population-weighted average level of the per-capita GSDP in southern states. Whereas, with improved CAGR states like Bihar, MP., and West Bengal are ranking lower per capita GSDP.


Comparing the current situation of the COVID19 pandemic, more than 800 cases were filed in Kerala only 4 deaths have been reported.  The mortality rate in contrast to this state is much higher in other parts of the country. Gujarat ranks with the largest mortality rate of 800 and over 13000 cases.

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath mocked Kerala’s health care report while Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India gave a controversial statement, saying, “infant mortality amount Kerala’s Adivasis is as worse as Somalia”.  But recently it was declared internationally that Kerala played much well against COVID19 rather than Gujarat or other northern states.


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