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Why Modi Government Is So Desperate To Get Their Hands On Bengal? 

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By, Mayuri Banerjee

What is your opinion? Is victory in Bengal Elections is more crucial for Modi Government than TMC? My answer to this question is a “Big Yes”. West Bengal political scenario has reached its climax with three main contenders, BJP, TMC and CPIM Alliance. BJP seems to be confident enough fighting against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. They have clearly pointed out all her recent track record and the tally that has been way off lower, in most cases.

What is my concern is the reason why BJP or you may say Modi desperately wants to win over Bengal? And we all know that this is no more a secret.


One thing that is very clear to me is that the saffron party somehow desires to expand its rule all across India, and of course, every political leader “so-called” does so. But the loss that the saffron party recently has witnessed in the North can only be made up from the Eastern and Southern States. Building up the empire in the states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala is still a difficult task, hence BJP requires to win over the Eastern States. West Bengal, presently is facing political turmoil and BJP knows well that this is the perfect time to win the hearts of the public.

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I may make some mistakes in the percentage, but The Bharatiya Janata Party until the 1980s used to get approximately 2 per cent of popular votes in both Lok Sabha and assembly elections. Gradually the percentage grew from 2 to 40 in 2019 is a great leap. But now, 2021 BJP has emerged as a serious threat to the Trinamool Congress Party that they are now fearing about the next electoral battle, which will be starting from March 27.

Yes, CM Mamata Banerjee is still powerful, but the Trinamool Congress team is not. This is why several MLA & party leaders left TMC and joined BJP before the Assembly Polls. What I think is this happened almost entirely because of Mamata Banerjee’s political mistakes. Mamata Banerjee’s political flaws are responsible to bring BJP to her doorsteps. Witnessing the present heated Bengal campaign of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) and the BJP today, but this idea may seem unbelievable. But these are the true facts that after 2014, certain instances lead the state to witness such a large transformation completely within such a short time.

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But this rise of BJP in Bengal was always an alarming cause for the TMC. Experts state that instead of managing the two constituencies, TMC focused on holding on to the minority community. Meanwhile, Amit Shah and Narendra Modi understood very well that no understanding or negotiating with Mamata is possible as it may only make the situation worse. Meanwhile, the incidents of Saradha, Narada, ED and CBI came. Using points like these as a weapon Shah and Modi ensured to take proper action against the moneybags, like the chit-fund owners, to cut off the gravy train and the subsequent impact of demonetisation.

There are an array of incidents that act as a clear witness to the politics that prevailed in West Bengal has always been a disordered affair, usually concerning violence. The present rivalry between the Trinamool Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party is nothing distinctive. Party workers murdered and clashes are occurring daily And now the leaders have also started to get violent and arguing continuously with each other. This is what frightens me the most!

I am enough cautious about the political atmosphere especially when it is about West Bengal. My fear for Bengal is about the rising conflicts between the two parties BJP and TMC. Recently, CPIM has also stood up by tying up with Congress and ISF Party. I know that The BJP, over the last nine years, is trying to create inroads into West Bengal. And this Assembly Polls is the perfect chance for BJP somewhere!

I have no idea why the increase in violence in Bengal as the election comes closer? However, reminding about the political history of the state, it is true that the power in Bengal has always moved along with the lumpen. By giving support to BJP, people may help it fight the scales in the forthcoming election. But, in the lack of leadership bench-strength, for West Bengal, it may just be a change of direction from one mirage to another.


One can never deny that TMC has done so many developments, the thing that strikes my mind is why are children going to other states for finding higher studies and jobs? There is a growing sense among ordinary Bengalis that Bengal has lost out on development by being continuously at loggerheads with the Centre. What I have felt is that some think that the same party ruling over the Centre may make some changes and end the long history of neglect West Bengal has suffered over years. Some Bengali’s are hoping that Narendra Modi will somehow bring the ray of light to West Bengal if they come in power. Whereas, the others are feared by this Government.

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It is clear from the prevailing state of West Bengal that Narendra Modi is trying his best to get in power and somewhere certain people also want to see a change in the state. Do not know what the real motivation is and what’s going to happen? But all I know is to get a state where peace more than rivalry will prevail.

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