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Why Cricket is More Popular Than Football in India? Is It Wrong?


In India, sports are considered to be the most enjoyable thing of all time, it’s just like celebrating festivals. Spectators and all other countrymen participate and share an interrelationship with sports and sportsperson. If cricket is considered a religion of sports then football is one of the gods of sports. Cricket is played at every corner in our country. The first thing that children play while growing up, is cricket and not football.

People prefer cricket over football for a couple of reasons :


Cricket is one of the easiest games to play from the very beginning, there are hardly any steps to learn, hence children and adults always prefer playing cricket. Football requires an ample amount of agility, strength, and technique, where people don’t really like to spend a whole lot of time.

Even in the primitive days at educational institutions, more investments and more time are given to cricket and not to football.

The reach of football is also widely in the northeastern, eastern, and southern parts of the country, where not enough resources are arranged for the sports.


Cricket is majorly famous in India because of its widespread broadcasting, ever since the beginning, the most celebrated sports of all time have been cricket and not football. Several world cricket championships are organized by a highly powerful cricket board called BCCI. apart from this in-house Indian premier leagues are also held which gives the sport, the amount of profit it needs and in return provides people with truckloads of entertainment.

Football is slowly taking its course of the revolution, Indian super leagues are conducted searching for football talents all around the states in India, however in a worldwide sphere, Indian football is still at a footfall, due to lack of favorable opportunities to individuals


Another important reason why football is more popular is due to the relatability of people with their favorite sportsperson. Indian cricket has witnessed a couple of the greatest players of all time, like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Kapil Dev, Virat Kohli people keep an eye when they appear on the screens, either as cricketers or as commentators. This level of fame is achieved due to the widespread relevance of the game in our country, and the fact that the Indian team represents the nation at a global level every time.

Football has only one widely known sports personality and that is Mr. Sunil Chhetri, probably the only Indian football player who has got the required skill and passion for the game, football is widely watched in WEST Bengal and that’s why major football events take place there. People do watch football leagues but only to cheer the international teams. The Indian team has extremely less skilled players and has meager resources to fulfill the needs of the game.


People have their own choice to like a sport or not and Indian people prefer cricket over football, this doesn’t mean we should disrespect the game of football and not spend enough resources to uplift it. The Indian football team doesn’t get enough chances to go in worldwide Leagues and this is because people of our country themselves don’t support the team and its players.

The sports association should pay more attention to the upliftment of football pan India by providing and arranging enough funds for the game and this is possible only when a powerful authorized federation is set up. More football-related opportunities must be arranged in every educational institution so that those who have a leg towards the game don’t get their opportunity wasted.

More inhouse championships need to be arranged so that every corner of our country develops a liking towards the game. Liking and having a deeper interest in cricket does not mean that we don’t pay attention to a game that is the second most popular, we should opt for more people and not get their potential wasted.

Whether it’s football or cricket, the liking of people shouldn’t stop, the opportunities should not be snatched away and as spectators, equal treatment should be given all in the spirit of sports and our country.

Written By Janhvi Singh

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