Vocal for local: Prevailing scenario

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On May 12, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation through Mann ki Baat to introduce a financial package of Rs. 20 lakh crore to help recover the Indian economy during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is also meant to kickstart the process of making India Atmanirbhar. Thus the phrase, “Vocal for Local” came into action. As stated by the PM, the core value of it is the need of the hour for the entire nation to come forth, encourage, and outsource local businesses and products.

It is time to be vocal about local. We have to make local our motto. Global brands began locally. But when their people started marketing and branding, they became global. Every Indian should be vocal for local.” Narendra Modi says. It’s a new form of globalization and it will help create more jobs and transform businesses efficiently. There are certain ways for that, as stated by the Prime Minister.


  • There are certain Indian apps like Yelo, Tookan, Panther, and Fugu that will help start a new business that is local but available on the global market. It’s a form of online business that is highly convenient during this crisis. Yelo helps to create online marketplaces while one can deliver services even in the remote areas via Tookan.
  • Promotion is the key here. Homegrown products and local infant companies must be promoted all over social media and other online platforms.
  • Increase in the supply chain. Local businesses must improve their products which will eventually lead to strengthening the economy.
  • The small part of the general public. PM Narendra Modi said he has full confidence over his fellow Indian citizens who will buy local products proudly and promote them in the global community.

Present Circumstances

During Dussehra, PM Narendra Modi again encouraged the people to prioritize local products while reminding them of the resolve of vocal for local. ITC is undertaking a “proudly Indian campaign” on various social media platforms along with Dabur who are solely focused on spreading awareness regarding “Vocal for Local” and “Make in India”

The present scenario of Vocal for Local is pretty obvious in the food industry. PM Modi has recently stated that he looks forward to supporting and promoting the Indian Wooden Toy sector just like he did with Yoga. There was an extensive board meeting with senior ministers and later revealed, “India is home to many toy clusters and talented artisans who can make toys that help strengthen life-skills and further psychomotor learning among children. We also discussed how the latest technology can be harnessed in the toys manufacturing sector.”

He further encourages the startups and youngsters to join the industry towards a brighter future for Atmanirbhar Bharat. Explains the importance of toys for a child and how it would be helpful for the development of children if they are used as pedagogical tools at Anganwadi Centres and Schools. PM further highlights the importance of the digital gaming arena in India and encourages the e-community by mentioning it has great potential in the future.


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