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Vaccine Certification Must Meet Minimum Criteria”: UK

Vaccine Certification

The UK Government has set some rules and regulations in the context of COVID-19 for the people who want to travel to the United Kingdom. On Wednesday 22 September 2021 UK government has said, “vaccine certification for COVID-19 from all countries must meet a ‘minimum criteria’ and that it is working with India on a perspective to its international travel norms”.

In the UK’s updated list of approved COVID-19 vaccines, Covishield, manufactured by the Serum Institute of India has been included. On Wednesday, the UK travel advisory also added Oxford/AstraZeneca as the eligible vaccine.

On the list of 18 approved countries, India’s vaccine certification was not included. Therefore the UK will continue to treated Indian travelers as non-vaccinated and required 10 days quarantine on arrival.

UK government spokesperson said, “as part of our recently expanded inbound vaccination policy, we recognize following vaccine Pfizer BioNTech, Oxford Astrazeneca, Moderna and Janssen (J&J) for the purpose of international travel. This now includes the formulations of AstraZeneca Covishield, AstraZeneca Vaxzevria, and Moderna Takeda”.

Further, he said, “our top priority remains to protect public health, in a safe and sustainable way we reopening our traveling. That’s why all countries need to meet their minimum criteria for protecting our public health. We continue to work with international partners, including India, to roll out our phased approach”.

Those who are not fully vaccinated or vaccinated in a country like India that was not on the list of approved countries must take a pre-departure test. They have to live in 10 days quarantine and pay for day two and day eight PCR tests after arrival in England. They have an option of ‘test to release’ after five days following a negative PCR test.

On Wednesday UK government source said that there is so much confusion over this process so the changes of approved country listings are being kept under “regular consideration”. Whereas no further clarity on the required criteria for approving a country’s vaccine certification.

England announced to apply its rule of traffic light system of red, amber, and green according to the COVID-19 situation of the other countries. However, despite Covishield now being considered within the UK’s eligible vaccine formulation. But India has not got any advantage in the vaccine certification issue.

The Indian government condemns this discriminatory attitude of the UK. India warned of “reciprocal measure” if vaccinated travelers continued treated in the same way.

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