USA-IRAN Nuclear Deal: A race against time

Photo Courtesy: BBC

With the victory of Joe Biden in 2020 US elections, many countries and experts have already started keeping their eyes on the future of Washington and Tehran’s deal. The current situation is most favourable for both the nations to come to the table. However, this situation is not expected to last for a long time so both sides have to take timely action in order to reap the benefits.

What makes the current situation favourable?

On one side, Tehran is already struggling with low oil price due to pandemic in addition to the trade wars and the US sanctions and going for a proxy war against Washington will only add fuel to the fire. So the most favourable thing for Iran is to go on the table with the United States.

On Washington’s part, the victory of Biden created initiated huge hope regarding the deal. Also, the current domestic politics are in favour of withdrawal from the Middle East which will be advantageous for the United States only after reaching an agreement with Iran. Apart from these in an already polarized world, Washington cannot afford to push Iran with China and Russia. Therefore both the countries should negotiate on the agreement.

Why the situation won’t remain favourable for a long period?

However, the clock is ticking as there will be reelection in Iran in June 2021 and the experts predict the loss of Rouhani’s government who was always pragmatic about the deal and on the US side Trump’s administration will hold power till 20th January who never favoured the deal. So keeping in view such a short span of time with the Biden’s government have to struggle a lot.

What can be the best-case scenario for two?

Hence the best-suited option for both the nations should be the engagement by short term de-escalation. White House should lift it’s sanction and Rouhani’s administration should stop its proxy attacks on us forces in middle East. It will open the doors for the negotiations and long term engagement and overall peace in the world.
It will benefit India in terms of its fuel security, Central Asian connectivity via Chabahar port and many strategic points of view.


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