Thing You Didn’t Know About Flying Car By Klein Vision

flying car by Klein Vision
Image Courtesy: Flight Global

Do you dream about having a car that can fly? Yes, a literally flying car!! Well, your wild imagination is turning into reality. A video of a flying car made by a Slovakian company is making the rounds on social media. Everyone is fascinated by the flying car by Klein Vision, the company that made this impossible, possible!

It looks cool and has some amazing features to look for. Probably, this would be the new normal soon. Yes, since many things about this car are quite simple yet unbelievable. Like, did you know it had a BMW engine inside? Or it transforms within just 3 minutes, and convertible cars are already there right?

Want to know more interesting facts like this about the flying car by Klein Vision? Read on.


1.6-liter BMW Engine Inside

It’s common sense that anything that flies would require a massive power supply. That means, in order for a car to fly it needs a big engine! But not this flying car or Aircar, named by Klein Vision themselves. This one has a small 1.6-liter engine by BMW inside that comes with an effective output of 140PS. According to the company, the Aircar can cover a range of 1000 km while consuming 18 liters of fuel per hour.

A 3-Minute Transformation

From a designer car to a full-fledged airplane, the transformation will take just 3 minutes. All it needs to do is extend the wings and tail section. We know how much time it takes for a plane to take off. So, compared to that, this is a huge cut-down. Even after the transformation, it doesn’t completely look like an airplane as it holds on to that hybrid look. Indeed, an AIR-CAR!

Only Needs 300 Meters To Take Off

A Boeing jet has a big powerful engine and it takes almost 3kms of runway to take off. Surprisingly, the Aircar is able to cut the distance to only 300 meters! While on the runway, the speed can reach up to 200kmph and it can stay up to 190kmph in the air. Thanks to the highly efficient engineering that has kept the weight of this flying car by Klein Vision below 1,100kg. Also, it can handle up to 200kg of passenger capacity.


142 successful landings

What goes up, must come down, and bringing anything down safely that went up is a handful task. However, you’ll be glad to know that this flying car has 142 successful landings to its name! It has successfully cruised at 8,200 feet with a speed of 185kmph. On top of it, this little monster has also undergone multiple stability and maneuverability tests in the air passing them successfully.

It’s really fascinating to see such inventions that change the regular trajectory of “what is the new normal”! This flying car by Klein Vision is by far the most innovative thing found on the internet in 2020. No wonder it went viral.

Now, it doesn’t stop there. The company is further planning to make a more powerful version in the near future. This time, they are rumored to replace the 140PS engine with a 200PS one. However, will it be from BMW once again? Not sure! But we can definitely expect it to be way faster than this one. Nonetheless, it will keep all of us wanting to cruise our cars through the sky! After all, who doesn’t want to fly, right?