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These Countries Just Love Electric Vehicles (EVs)!

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When it comes to electric vehicles, some countries don’t just lead the pack, they love and adore it. Which country has the most electric vehicles? What about the most extensive fleets of electric cars available through carsharing? Which hybrid technology is the most advanced? Let’s have a look!

It is very important to determine which manufacturer prepares electric vehicles that meet the environmental standards. We already know that Tesla leads the EV market, but what about the other companies? Have you ever wondered which nations are in the front row of the EV revolution show?

Here are those countries where you can see most of the people driving electric vehicles.

According to market analysis in 2020, China dominates the list. It sells over one million EVs per year, or 2,904 per day, which is not surprising given its large population. China sells far fewer Electric vehicles per person than other countries, with only seven EVs sold for every 10,000 people.

Norway is the greenest country, selling 80,000 EVs per year. 148 EVs per 10,000 people which is 261 percent more than any other country. With 41 units sold per 10,000 people, Sweden indicates that EVs are popular in the Nordics stack up as we rank them based on the number of EVs sold per 10,000 people.

Europe invented the hybrid car, which combines a combustion engine and an electric motor. Japan is a pioneer of hybrid technology industrialization. It has shown the most development in the sector, where the country now has the world’s largest fleet of hybrid vehicles. In 2018, there were 7.5 million cars on the road, which equates to one in every five!

  • Norway with 148 points.
  • Sweden with 41 points.
  • The Netherlands with 40 points
  • Canada with 15 points.
  • Germany with 13 points.

The above list represents the countries that sell electric vehicles and has many users who prefer EVs more than regular cars. Without a doubt, Tesla leads the pack in EV sales, with 370,000 sold per year, or 42 per hour. The company’s game-changing, low-cost Model 3 accounted for the vast majority of sales.

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