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Terror Attack in Srinagar, Teachers Dead


In Jammu and Kashmir within the last five days, seven civilians were killed due to a terrorist attack. Today on October 7, a principal and a teacher of a government school were killed by militants in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir. According to the police report they were shot in the Sangam Eidgah area of the city, including one deceased (a woman).

As per the report, terrorists fired upon both of the teachers. They were both the residents of Alochibagh in Safa Kadal. Militants left them in critically injured situations. Somehow they were rushed to the Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Science hospital where they were declared dead. Later on, they identified the woman as Sukhvinder Kour as the principal, whereas the teacher identified as Deepak Kumar.

According to the report, four to five teachers were having meetings in the principal chamber, where gunmen entered and intentionally chose two non-Muslim teachers including the principal. They took them to the compound of the school and then they start the open fire on them and fled from the spot.

There are multiple targeted killings in less than a week in Jammu and Kashmir. Less than 48 hours before militants killed Makhan Lal Bindroo and two other civilians. Bindroo was killed in his pharmacy at point-blank range.

These activities of civilian killing clearly show the rise in terrorist activity in Jammu and Kashmir. Therefore, these activities create an environment of fear in the union territories.

The DGP of J&K Dilbag Singh said, “to create the atmosphere of fear, in recent militant targeting civilians. Militants are trying to create communal disharmony in the area”. Further, he said that this is being done on the instructions of Pakistan to defame local Muslims by targeting local ethos and values. This is a well-thought-out conspiracy of Pakistan.

The police chief also claimed, “the Resistance Front” (TRF) behind today’s attack. This militants group is run and instructed from Karachi. TRF also tries to spread malicious propaganda by relating the victims with some specific groups. Such as Hindu, Sikh, RSS, and many others.

In Bindroo case, TRP spreading that he is working with RSS. Whereas Bindroo is a Kashmiri Pandit and ran his pharmacy since 1990 when terrorism was at its peak. Another two deceased who were killed on Tuesday by militants were identified as Virendra Paswan a street food vendor, resident of Bhagalpur in Bihar, and Mohammad Shafi, the president of a taxi stand in the area.

The police chief said that we are concerned about every civilian’s life. We have nothing to do with their caste or religion.

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