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Tale of the Haunted House Of Kolkata: Putul Bari

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The super creepy haunted house located on the banks of Hugli River in Shobhabazar is popularly known as “Pultul Bari” or “The House of Dolls”. Kolkata is a magnificent city with several features like Ganges ghats, mouth-watering food, and it is modern yet deeply rooted in their tradition.

Yet there is another side of Kolkata that shares some dark past. Kolkata’s Putul Bari has been spooking for ages now with unusual sounds, rare events, and sometimes glimpses of something that is for sure not an earthly being.

Putul Bari is located at 22 Hazra Chandra Mullick Lane, adjacent to the Circular Railway track and close to Shobhabazar jetty. But why and how this beautiful and aristocratic mansion eventually turned into a warehouse? This question will bother any curious mind.

Let us dig more into the topic.


Peeking To The Dark Past Of Putul Bari

As acknowledged by the localities, Putul Bari once ruled by the owners who used to stay there. They used to take full advantage of their power. It is believed that they raped young women at this place and murdered them to hide the crime. Eventually, Putul Bari met with a ghostly fate.

Not just this, some also say that the owner of the house had a beautiful daughter who was mesmerized playing with dolls (Putul in Bengali). Her obsession reached such a climax that she covered the entire house with several dolls of every shape and types. Soon she met with an accident resulting in death directing the mansion to be haunted.

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The Other Side Of The Story

To avoid curious trespassers the poor tenants who used to live there have put up a signboard that states “This place has no ghosts”. But the truth seems to be quite different. People staying nearby to Putul Bari assume that the dolls of the girl which are now ripped and worn off, come to life at night and roam around. They also stated that the spirit of the dancers who were buried deep inside its rooms still dance at the lone terrace and the sound of jewels can be heard on certain nights. Scaring enough, isn’t it?

If you ever visit the place, you will find the house terrace is adorned with unique doll-like objects at the terrace that will surely scare the hell out of the mansion on a dark moonless night.

Presently, almost all the rooms of the House of Dolls are inhabited by tenants. It is said that once a few freedom fighters who hid here could not get out of the house when British officers fired them as people believe spirits stopped them to do so. However, some of the locals have confirmed clearly that they have never experienced any supernatural phenomenon in this house, instead they felt harassed by ghost enthusiasts since the stories about the “haunted house” rumour in social media have been doing the trick. They consider these rumours to be pre-planned and someone purposely spread humour to create panic among the residents so that they leave the place.

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The Reality

Putul Bari is the home that belongs to the Natta Family, owners of the famous Natta Jatra Company. The tenants living over here are neither interested nor experienced enough to maintain the massive structure. It seems like they are taking no initiative to restore or renovate the massive building, making its condition pathetic. if proper action is not taken then it will lose its glory forever. Even it is reported that the people living in the building hardly anyone dares to go to the upper floor. The question still remains, Why so?

Kolkata, the city of joy has many haunted places and Putul Bari is one of them. Maybe the stories of the unseen are only made for gossip or the truth is something entirely different. It is hard to determine anything. Are you brave enough to visit the haunted mansion of Putul Bari???

Have you ever been to Putul Bari or has similar experiences? Feel free to share your experiences.

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