Starting business is India gets technology boost

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Back in 2011, a typical wanna be an entrepreneur will call up his CA to fix a meeting. He’ll visit his office and hand over a hefty fees to get his startup registered at the pace of a snail. Internet changed things.

And here we are at the end of this decade, and businesses can be started with a click of the button. Business consultants have leveraged technology not just in the domain of incubation, legal and professional services, they have also deployed AI for delivering seamless experiences.

One such example is StartEazy Consulting, started by 2 first generation entrepreneurs. The company was started when the founder Keshav Agarwal was given a hefty bill by CA for starting a business venture. He realised that its a costly and complex affair to start a business in India. And the same is because of lack of awareness and lack of available cheaper alternatives.

“The team at starteazy is continuously working to bring about awareness so that starting business is as simple as clicking a button. One day we want to make India the easiest place to start a business.” quoted one of the senior manager at StartEazy.

We are eager to see what the next 5 years bring to us and how the experience of starting a business evolves.

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