Some Popular Skin and Hair Myths That Everyone Should Know


Everyone dreams to have buttery smooth skin along with silky–shiny hair. For achieving this they try all household remedies, cosmetics products, and dermatological solutions. People even believe some myths related to hair and skin and blindly follow them.
Let’s have a look at some widely held skin and hair myths:

Popular Skin Myths:

1) Eating chocolate causes acne
Acne is actually caused by an oily material called sebum. The skin produces and secretes it. A high-fat diet is bad for a lot of things, but it doesn’t cause acne. In fact, several acne medications, such as oral isotretinoin, are better absorbed when taken with a fatty meal – which may include a hamburger. Hence, there isn’t any proof that any particular meal promotes acne.

2) White marks on nails depict calcium deficiency
The nail matrix, which is located beneath the epidermis at the top border of your nail, is where your nails are made. An abnormality in the forming nail can arise if the matrix is traumatized, bumped, or bitten, and the air gets trapped. It develops a white mark when the nail grows longer. Although calcium is necessary for healthy nails, the white spots do not indicate its deficiency.

3) Applying more products gives greater benefits
This is the most common skincare misconception. People believe that applying more skincare products will give them more healthy skin. But, it’s totally false. To prevent your pores from being blocked, use fewer products on your skin. Using lesser products also prevents you from strangling your skin with multiple layers of products. When it comes to skincare, remember that less is better.

4) Sunscreen should not be worn indoors
Applying sunscreen indoor isn’t right is a popular myth. Even if you aren’t going outside, you should apply sunscreen to your skin. It’s been said that on cloudy days, 80% of UV radiation penetrates your skin. If you spend a large amount of time outside or near a window indoors, you should apply sunscreen to all exposed parts all year.

5) Anti-ageing products are for people above 50
Yes, that’s a myth. The truth is that you can begin your anti-aging skincare regimen whenever you wish. Just consult a skin care specialist as soon as you notice fine lines and wrinkles on your face, and stock your medicine cabinet with anti-aging treatments.

Popular Hair Myths

1) Oiling helps in hair growth-
The dermatologist revealed that the above-mentioned statement is a myth. They mention that oiling is a great conditioner to the hair but does not assist in hair growth.

2) Plucking a gray hair will increase greying
One of the common myths is that plucking one grey hair increases greying. Well, the actual fact is hair becomes grey once the foundation loses pigment. When the pigment cells in the hair follicles quit releasing melanin, the hair turns grey. You only notice an increase in their quantity because it happens naturally, not because of plucking.

3) Onion juice helps hair growth
Onion juice carries sulphur that is helpful in dealing with alopecia areata, an autoimmune type of hair loss. But, there is no proper evidence to prove that it can be used as a remedy for other types of hair loss too.

4) Cutting hair for quicker hair growth
Everyone should know that hair growth stems from roots on our scalp and not from the ends. Hence, cutting or trimming your hair from the ends will help them appear blunter and sharper, not help in their faster growth. You can only get rid of split ends and rough hair by following this myth.

5) Dry shampoo is equivalently good as wet shampoo
The above-mentioned statement is not true. Dermatologists believe that dry shampoo can only soak oil from hair but it doesn’t help in cleaning the scalp. Hence, to clean your scalp and hair, it’s best advised to use regular shampoo.

Believing everything on the internet or following whatever is said to you without checking its authenticity, is completely incorrect. For having healthy skin and hair, you just need to eat healthily, sleep well and consult your dermatologist or doctor for any advice.

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