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Some of The Most Outstanding Cafes in India


re you a coffee addict? In that case, you would know that everything not only depends on the cup of coffee but the place also makes a vast difference. Cafes nowadays are truly the window on the world—a place to watch locals as well as visitors and a space to gather thoughts.

In this article, we have summed up 4 major cafes in India where you should visit at least once. Have a look at these top coffee shops which are some of the most visited cafes. People can relish different styles of tea or the routine Indian chai at their convenience.

Let’s get started!

8th Day Café & Bakery (Kolkata)

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This awesome and warmly lit café/bakery is among some of the most visited patrons not just for its wonderful, flavorful coffee but also its range of freshly baked delicacies. You can match your coffee with one of their delicious scones to truly experience the best of what they have to offer. With the super friendly service and really comforting ambiance, 8th Day may just motivate you to ditch your office and work out of here.

Bombay Coffee House, Bandra And Fort (Mumbai)

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Whenever you are visiting Mumbai, this cafe is surely an obvious one to start with. This lowkey old-world-Esque Coffee House is a homey spot to grab a coffee with a small meal. If the delusion at Linking Road gets your goat, skip to the (mostly) serene Bandra outlet. You’ll for sure spend the best hours here. Yes, the menu list isn’t huge, the options are quite varied (Hakka Noodles and Rajma Chawal, both) and they’ve got great freshly baked goods to go with the coffee.

United Coffee House (Delhi)

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Situated in the heart of Delhi, right in the middle of new-age cafes, is United Coffee House. Its beauty prevails in its old-world, vintage interiors that appeal to people from all walks of life; specifically what was the motive of its founder Lala Hans Raj Kalra. United Coffee House boasts of being a prime attraction of the capital’s love for coffee. Taking a sip of their Cona Coffee or the traditional filter coffee along with some munchies is the ideal way to spend a lazy evening in Connaught Place.

Banoffee Pie At Dyu Art Cafe (Bangalore)

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This cafe truly makes you feel at home, Dyu Art Cafe’s open house environment is a perfect remedy for your hectic life. As soon as you walk in here, you will be greeted by some of the best artwork in the country as well as a great collection of books displayed on the shelf. ( Coffee does meet creativity!) As you untwist from your busy schedule, do order their cinnamon-infused Cafe Miel and pair it with their signature Banoffee Pie.

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