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Shahid Afridi Looking for Positivity in Taliban, Shocks The Internet

Shahid Afridi

Former Pakistan captain and all-rounder Shahid Afridi is one of those people who has always loved the limelight. He aims to continue on the same path even after his international retirement as well. During a media interview, Shahid Afridi has made a shocking and controversial statement on Monday (August 30), stating that the Taliban, the Islamist group that has taken over Afghanistan, have come with a ‘positive mind’.

“Taliban have come with a very positive mind. They’re allowing ladies to work. And I believe the Taliban like cricket a lot,” Afridi told the Pakistani media during the interview on Monday. “Taliban is giving jobs to ladies, supporting cricket and the cricket series against Pakistan as well. Taliban is very positive towards cricket,” Afridi added.

Netizens on Twitter were quite vigilant about Afridi’s statement and they didn’t hold back to give a piece of their mind. One user tweeted: “Two years ago he launched a book and gave an interview to barkha. He said he will not let his daughters play sports or play music. He’s no different from taliban.”

Another one said: “They are allowing women to work”… the very concept of ‘allowing’ women to do anything is repugnant

Manish Mundra commented, “Yea!! He can organize 20/20 league matches there too… Taliban Pro League (TPL)”

Such a statement from a public figure like Shahid Afridi was bound to stir up controversies. Many are led to believe that Pakistan and The Taliban are cooking something up. However, it is totally up to interpretation. Meanwhile, Afridi confirmed on Monday that the next Pakistan Super League (PSL) will possibly be his last and he would love to play for Quetta Gladiators.

The owner of Quetta Gladiators, Nadeem Omar said last week that Afridi is willing to join his PSL franchise. This will mark the seventh season of the tournament which is set to take place in 2022. Omar also confirmed that former Pakistan skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed is the current captain, but if he would like to step down voluntarily, “we can appoint Afridi in his place”.

Meanwhile, speaking to the Pakistani press in Karachi, Shahid Afridi stated that playing limited cricket “is very difficult for players to practice within the biosecure bubble.” He also had something to say regarding the controversial Kashmir Premier League as well. According to Afridi, there was a time when all the talent used to emerge from Karachi. However, due to the KPL, all the new talent are coming forth now.

“There is a dearth of facilities when it comes to cricket, therefore, businessmen should cooperate to promote cricket,” the former Pakistani captain added. Shahid Afridi has played 37 Tests, 398 ODIs and 99 T20 games for Pakistan during his international career. However, even after his retirement, he has continued to make the headlines with his controversial remarks.

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