Rs 59,750 ‘Antibody Cocktail’ available for severe COVID patients Delhi

Antibody Cocktail
Image Courtesy: Pharmaceutical Technology

Good news for all! Recently, some private hospitals in Delhi-NCR have started offering monoclonal antibody therapy for mild to moderate ‘high-risk’ Covid patients. It is priced at Rs 59,750. According to reports, this treatment uses the combination of Casirivimab and Imdevimab. This is popularly known as the ‘antibody cocktail’ and it’s now available in India. Roche India and Cipla had announced their launch in India on Monday.

The price of the dose is based on the accessibility of this treatment and it will be limited. On the contrary, Dr. Suresh Kumar, medical director at the Delhi government’s Lok Nayak Hospital said the drug is not being considered there. “It’s very costly, we are not thinking about it. It’s for rich people… It’s also an experimental drug,” he said.


Meanwhile, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital began offering the treatment on Thursday. “What it does is prevent the binding of the SARS-CoV2 virus. It needs to be given early, and ideally, we’d like to give it within 48-72 hours of the patient turning positive, but it can be given within a week. The antibody cocktail is administered intravenously and the treatment has been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization and fatality and shortens the duration of symptoms. There are a clear set of indications for who it should be administered,” said Dr. Anupam Sibal of the medical director group of Apollo Hospitals.

According to hospitals that will be offering the treatment, the Antibody Cocktail can be administered to those who are at high risk of severe Covid disease. “This is mostly recommended for those above 65 years of age; those aged above 55 with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, or COPD; those who have BMI above 35; those with chronic kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, and immunocompromising condition, or currently receiving immunosuppressive treatment,” the hospitals stated.


The Antibody Cocktail will also be offered at Fortis Escort Heart Institute, Okhla. Medanta in Gurgaon has already discharged its first patient after providing treatment. The 84-year-old man had reportedly received the treatment on Tuesday.

In a statement released by Fortis Escort, the hospital specified that the treatment is “not recommended for patients who are hospitalized due to severe Covid, or require oxygen therapy, or require an increase in baseline oxygen low rate due to Covid, or in those on chronic oxygen therapy due to underlying non-Covid-19 related comorbidity.”