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Cristiano Ronaldo “coldly” refused to swap jerseys with Atalanta’s Gosens: Atrocious or Justifiable?

Cristiano Ronaldo
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Atalanta star Robin Gosens has shared a shocking incident involving Cristiano Ronaldo that left the full-back “blushed and ashamed”.

What Actually Happened?

In his biography “Dreams are Worthwhile”, Gosens has recalled a post-match story where Atalanta was facing Juventus. Right after the match ended, Gosens, who idolises Cristiano Ronaldo, wanted to swap jerseys with him. However, the Portuguese cold-heartedly turned down Gosens request saying just “No”, according to the German international.

In his biography “Dreams are Worthwhile”, Gosens writes: “After the game against Juventus, I tried to fulfill my dream of having Ronaldo’s jersey. After the game against Juventus, I tried to fulfill my dream of having Ronaldo’s jersey.”

He further emphasizes his story stating, “After the final whistle I went to him, having not even gone public to celebrate… but Ronaldo did not accept. I asked: “Cristiano, can I have your shirt?” He didn’t even look at me, he just said: “No!”


Gosens’ Reaction to The Situation 

After the Atalanta man was denied his dream request by his idol himself, Gosens writes that he felt really ashamed and crushed. “I was completely blushed and ashamed. I went away and felt small.”

He has described this incident in such a way that the reader cannot help but feel sorry for the young man. Gosens writes: “You know that moment when something embarrassing happens and you look around to see if anyone noticed it? That’s what I felt and tried to hide it.”

My Point of View: Was It Justifiable or Just Atrocious?

Now, the important part comes. Let’s discuss the situation. It was the Coppa Italia quarter-finals and Atalanta had knocked the Italian giants out of the competition who was the previous title holder at that time. Atalanta beat Juventus 3-0 and the great Cristiano Ronaldo was unable to save the Old Lady from demise. After playing 90 whole minutes, the world’s highest goalscorer and arguably the greatest of all-time was denied even a single goal on that crucial stage. Robin Gosens was introduced late as a substitute in the match. While on the other hand, a full-time Ronaldo was proven to be powerless at that moment.


So, the circumstances are quite clear. It was a devastating blow to Bianconeri as well as Cristiano Ronaldo. The state of mind of a player in after losing such an important match can be really messed up and given that it was Cristiano Ronaldo, we know how expressive that man is on the field. If he is winning, it is reflected in his body language and attitude in the game. And even if he is losing, he doesn’t hold back to let his emotions flow. From my perspective, it was the same case.

Ronaldo denied swapping jerseys with Robin Gosens due to the state of mind he was in at that very moment. Yes, it’s always debatable that he would have taken a different approach towards Gosens. Or, being such an idol to millions, his way of handling things should have been humble. It’s true. But we cannot understand one’s side unless we put ourselves in their shoes. We have seen the same scenario with several other big players including Messi himself. As I see it, frustration gets to all of us, and greats like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi are not devoid of that.

The Verdict

From my perspective, Cristiano Ronaldo is an individual with a very expressive personality. No matter if you call him a goal-scoring machine or a robot, but he has shown multiple times that he is far from that. In fact, he is the closest to a human being that one can be. Be it by sharing videos and pictures of his family on his social media accounts, or be it on the field winning the Champions League trophy or the 2016 Euro Cup final – His emotions can be felt throughout. And just like every other human being, he is entitled to other emotions like anger or rage. And sometimes, these negative emotions get the best of us.

Nonetheless, It was an incident of 2019. While Cristiano Ronaldo reaches the twilight phase of his career, we can only hope that we get to see only the best out of the Portuguese legend.

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