Reports from Microsoft are yielding about a complete change in how we unlock our laptops and smartphones. In the latest post, the company tells about its efforts in moving towards a “passwordless” future and its expectation to reach that state within 2021. Microsoft has asserted that almost 80% of the cyber-attacks are targeted against passwords with every 250 corporate accounts being hacked every day. This is the reason why the company is scheduling for a password-free solution.

“In November 2019 at Microsoft Ignite, we shared that more than 100 million people were already using Microsoft’s passwordless sign-in each month. In May of 2020, just in time for World Password Day, that number had already grown to more than 150 million people, and the use of biometrics to access work accounts is now almost double what it was then. We’ve drawn strength from our customers’ determination this year and are set to make passwordless access a reality for all our customers in 2021,” said the company

They further say that along with modern UX and API’s for managing FIDO2 security keys helping customers to develop custom solutions and tools, there is also a plan to release a converged registration portal in 2021. Now, this will help users to manage their passwordless credentials through the “My Apps” portal.

According to the firm, passwordless introduction in Azure Active Directory has risen by over 50% for Windows Hello for Business the passwordless phone sign in with Microsoft authenticator and FIDO2 security keys.

Microsoft has been working on passwordless futures for a long time. They were trying to bring more light to this transition from years. Back in February 2020, the company is looking for a preview of Azure Active Directory support for FIDO2 security keys in hybrid environments.

The FIDO2 enables users with proper security keys to access their hybrid Azure Active Directory Windows 10 devices with hassle-free sign in providing secure access on-premises and cloud resources with strong hardware-backed public and private key credentials.

In September 2020, the Microsoft Ignite conference announced a new passwordless wizard available with Microsoft 365 Admin Center. The company also stressed how FIDO2 is becoming a critical part of Microsoft’s passwordless vision. Besides Microsoft, Apple is also working on this feature as well.



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