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Know The Pros and Cons Of Online Education

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In this pandemic situation, online education is a highly effective and the perfect alternative method to carry on the learning cycle. We are living in the 21st century where technology is closer to children than their guardians or teachers. Some children feel a state of flow while studying online because it is time and place convenient. Whereas some children misuse this method of learning. Whatever, this becomes new normal in this Covid era.

Online learning can improve your teaching and provides unprecedented learning opportunities. On the other hand, it will also become a hindrance and addiction if you are not careful. Therefore, it is important to consider both pros and cons of e-education.


Accessibility of Time and Place

It is a mode of education that allows students to attend their classes from anywhere. It gives freedom to the students from the geographical boundaries of classrooms. It is also time convenient for the students. Students can access any lecture according to their needs. Online learning gives you the fecality of record and archived all previous lectures.

End The Distance

The biggest advantage of online education is that it ends the gap between students and teachers and institutions. There is no need to going to school or college to solve any problem related to your academic or non-academic. Students can contact the teacher at any time for any type of problem. Students can learn from any institutes across the globe and get access to study materials.

Less Expensive

Online learning reduces expenses as compared to physical learning. First, there are no traveling costs. Students don’t need to purchase and maintain dresses. Also, various additional fees, which colleges charge for labs, playing, and other things are now saved.

And the biggest saving of this method is that it encourages paperless working which is more affordable for you and a lot beneficial for the environment.

Creative Way of Teaching

It provides opportunities for the teachers to engage with students in various ways. They can provide Pdfs, recorded lectures, PPTs, and other study materials that create interest in students towards study. Teachers make their lectures more innovative with the help of technology.



The biggest challenge of online learning is to capacity to focus on the screen. Many students faced problems while concentrating at the time of study and on-screen learning make it more difficult. They have many other options available on the screen that works as a distraction in their study.

Lack of Proper Infrastructure

In-country like India where there is no proper infrastructure of online learning and connectivity of the internet, many students faced problems in e-education. To tackle this government, need to build proper internet connectivity and hire more educational staff. A consistent connection with proper speed is a big problem in a small town.

Digital Divide

In developing countries, some people are not able to access technology. Therefore, this increases the digital gap among people. People who are below the poverty line are not able to afford a single smartphone whereas the richer have more than their usage.

Feeling Isolated

In the 21st century where technology is a part of everybody’s daily life. Children are more dependent on technology for all their work. They use technology for entertainment as well as a study that’s why they feel more isolated. This also leads to some severe health diseases.

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