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Karnataka First to Implement Center’s New Education Policy

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Karnataka has officially turned out to become the first state in the country that has officially implemented the national education policy along with the minister of education, skill, and development, Dharmendra Pradhan at a virtual launch event.

The new education policy was added to the policy list of the central government in the year 2020. India has approximately, 310 million students who are there to witness the benefits of this policy set up by the central government. The real challenge is whether the real-time benefits of these policies will be available to all and if the students will get access to opportunities after the implementation.

Chief minister Basavraja Bommai launched the new admission module as per the new education policy of 2020. He announced digitalization and research and developed based policy completely ruling out the old traditional way of education

The introduction of the new economic policy and other new educational reforms can help to transform the lives of students and will also provide empowerment to the educational and skill structure of Karnataka.

Basvaraj Bommai also said that policies and programs like these will give career boost and guidance to all students. The new education policy according to the chief minister will help senior secondary students to develop their personalities that will help to create an equitable society.

The chief minister of Karnataka also promised that the govt under his rule will try to implement this policy successfully. Henceforth, the government claims that these policies will reduce compartmentalization happening within the current education system and will also change the over-functioning of the teaching and learning process.

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