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Kangana Ranaut face social media criticism for her tweet against Rihanna

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Kangana Ranaut has subjected herself to mass social media criticism when she called international pop icon Rihanna as a ‘fool’ for showing support for the Indian farmers.

The 9 times Grammy Award winner expressed her support to the ongoing farmers’ protest on Tuesday while criticising the internet shutdown incident at the protest sites.

“Why aren’t we talking about this?! #FarmersProtest,” Rihanna wrote on Twitter alongside a CNN news article headlined, “India cuts internet around New Delhi as protesting farmers clash with police,” she tweeted.


The 32-year-old singer became the first global star to show support to the farmers’ agitation. However, Indian actress Kangana Ranaut was quick to respond to Rihanna’s post calling her out with words like ‘fool’, ‘dummy’ and labelling the farmers as ‘terrorists’.

“No one is talking about it because they are not farmers they are terrorists who are trying to divide India, so that China can take over our vulnerable broken nation and make it a Chinese colony much like USA…
Sit down you fool, we are not selling our nation like you dummies,” Kangana wrote on Twitter in reply.

The social media site users didn’t take that well as within an hour, they started to react in their own ways. Some decided to apologise to Rihanna on Kangana’s behalf, while others reacted with hilarious trolls and memes. Bear in mind, Kangana has previously expressed her fondness for the ‘Umbrella’ and ‘Diamond’ singer in the past.

Lily Singh and Bollywood actor Swara Bhasker, on the other hand, lauded Rihanna’s remarks on the issue. Lilly’’s retweet reads, “Yes! Thank you so much @rihanna. This is a humanity issue! #IStandWithFarmers and this narrative is TIRED.”

Here are some of the tweets of users reacting to Kangana’s reply,

A user named Gurdeep tweeted, “Twitter needs to permanently suspend Kangana like they did with Trump”


Manpreet tweeted, “I just need Rihanna to clap back at Kangana pls my life will be complete” and retweeting it, Neha Singh wrote, “Kangana ain’t important enough for @rihanna to clap back 🤷🏽‍♀️ But agreed, that would be epic 😂”

PuNsTeR writes, “Before India faces any more international beizzati, Modiji should withdraw the 3 farm laws and Kangana Ranaut.”

SonaliRanade: “It is unlikely to occur to our fake Jhansi ki Rani @KanganaTeam that real one would never have abandoned her farmers.”

Thousands of farmers are camping at the outskirts of Delhi borders from November, protesting against the 3 farm bills and demanding the government to repeal them completely. Securities have been strengthened at the agitation sites across Delhi borders following the violence that took place during the R-Day tractor rally by farmers. 394 security personnel were injured in the process.

Meanwhile, farmers union has announced a nationwide ‘Chakka Jam’ on February 6. They would block national and state highways for 3 hours from 12 pm to 3 pm protesting against the Internet ban at the agitation sites and alleged harassment meted out by the authorities.

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