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Is Taliban Supporting Education For Girls? Yes, says UNICEF


The Taliban has been the most talked about thing in the past few days as they took control of Afghanistan. Every now and then, some new development regarding the Islamist group. However, one of the most shocking revelations came in just now. According to the U.N. children’s agency also known as UNICEF, a few Taliban representatives in some parts of Afghanistan support education for girls.

Reportedly, UNICEF is continuing to deliver aid and support to most parts of Afghanistan. Mustapha Ben Messaoud, UNICEF’s chief of field operations in Afghanistan said that they are quite hopeful for cooperation with Taliban representatives, he said in a U.N. briefing in Geneva.

“We have ongoing discussions, we are quite optimistic based on those discussions. We have not a single issue with the Taliban in those field offices,” Messaoud stated. He also informed that 11 out of 13 field offices are currently operational as well.

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan for 5 years between 1996 and 2001. During that period, the Islamist group was quite dominant towards women. They did not allow women to work. Education for young girls was forbidden. Adult women had to cover their faces at all times and they always had to be accompanied by a male if they had to go out of their homes.

U.N. chief Antonio Guterres warned of “chilling” restrictions on human rights under the Taliban rule on Monday. He also feared the mounting violations against women and girls after the Taliban takeover.

UNICEF has recently stated that some Taliban local representatives have said that they were waiting for guidance from their leaders on the issue of educating girls. On the contrary, some of the other Taliban representatives have said they want schools “up and running”.

Meanwhile, one Taliban health director in Herat had surprisingly asked his female employees to report to duty, Ben Messaoud confirmed. As of now, UNICEF is yet to establish direct contact with Taliban leaders in the capital Kabul. However, chief Messaoud has confirmed that they are trying their level best to make it happen as soon as possible.

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