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Importance Of Cord Blood And The Changes In Cord Blood Banking Cost

Cord Blood Banking Cost

Cord blood is a biological product that is regulated and managed by the food and drug administration ministries. It is found in blood vessels of the placenta and the cord blood is obtained when the umbilical cord of the baby is cut at the time of the birth. Cord blood banking costs can be a lot if done on a private basis since many couples don’t wish to donate but somehow agree to it by asking for a certain amount of money.

Cord blood is medically approved for stem cell transplantation since the blood from the cord has the ability to heal severe diseases. The process of storing the umbilical cord blood is known as stem cell banking.

With the process of stem cell banking, the umbilical cord blood is preserved for future use not only for the child but his/her entire family that can help them combat diseases that usually have no proper medication.

Stem cell banking helps majorly helps in overcoming different variations of blood cancer and various other genetic, immune-based, and metabolic disorders
Cord blood banking is similar to stem cell banking but here the blood of the umbilical cord of different children is stored and sold at times of need to other people.

The process of stem cell banking and the cord blood banking cost relatively goes hand in hand, In the USA many couples don’t wish to donate their children’s umbilical cord and because of which the research has shown that the blood wasted had maximum ability to cure several cases of cancer.

When additional pressure is added on parents they ask for additional cord blood banking costs which overall increases the total cost of the entire procedure.

In India, umbilical cord blood is not used to a great extend neither this procedure is suggested by radiologists in case of cancer. There are not enough Stem cell banking stations because of the inability of people in India to understand the entire procedure.

It can also be believed that if this procedure is established in India, then the initial cost of setting up cord blood banking cost will be very high. However, since it’s a dire need in today’s time, more units must also get established so that a new method of treatment is added in the field of medicine.

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