How to Become An Animated Cartoon Character For Your Next Zoom Call?

Animated Cartoon Character

No, we’re not talking about a cheap 2D cartoon filter. Become a cartoon character straight out of a Pixar or Disney movie! Yes! The new cartoon character filter has been a sensation on social media. Users are applying the filters to transform into a 3D animated cartoon character along with friends and family. And honestly, the transformations are mesmerizingly beautiful.

The filter is unlike any other filters you have seen before on other mobile apps like Instagram. This one captures a wide range of emotions from your smile to sadness and even astonishment in real-time! It’s all possible because of Snapchat’s desktop counterpart, Snap Camera! This tool not only turns you into a cartoon character and takes a couple of photos and videos! It also allows you to bring the filter to your video conferences on Zoom!

Yes! It’s possible and it can be done very easily! Here are the steps you need to follow to become a cartoon character for your next Zoom call!

Downloading the Snap Camera App

First, you need to download the Snap Camera App on your PC and install it. The minimum requirement is Windows 10 or macOS 10.13. Remember, anything below these versions won’t support the software. After the installation, it will require access to your microphone and camera. It’s the minimum requirement for the app to function properly.

Trying Out The Filter

Once you’re done with the installation process, search for the new cartoon filter and apply it. You’ll find it on the right corner below the main screen along with other filters. You’ll witness yourself turning into a beautifully animated character in real-time! It’s really amazing!

Turn Snap Camera Into Your Default Zoom Camera

Once your filter is set, you can make the Snap Camera your default camera on Zoom. You can open the Zoom app, and go to Settings. Just find the camera input option and choose Snap Camera input. You can also disable the filter from here as well if you’re heading to an official meeting.

Use the virtual background and video filters along with the Snap Camera filter. You can add as many effects as you want. After selecting Snap Camera input, you’ll see yourself as an awesome animated cartoon character inside the Zoom preview viewfinder. Just join a new meeting with your friends, and surprise them with your new Disney avatar!

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