How online education can give greater learning opportunities for disabled students?

online education

In the past education, before the invention of online education it is a very big deal for physically disabled students. Most disabled students find it hard to learn skills for employability. Since childhood they treat as a curse for society, they are always bullied by other students.

Data reveals that 15 percent of the global population are lives with some type of disability. Therefore online learning has been proved a great platform for the person who faced some type of barrier due to his/her physical disability. E-education gives them the power to learn anything, and make them an able competitor for the normal world.

Disabled students face many types of barriers and experience unfavourable socioeconomic situations. WHO and many other NGOs placed disability on the list of human rights issues.

Disability is something that makes the person weak by realising that they are lacking in some part of their life. Whereas education is the only thing that helps them to get rid of that weakness and rebuilt their confidence, with the most powerful weapon ‘knowledge’.

Everybody considers that the internet discourages physical activities but for those who are physically disabled, this internet curse, becomes a gift. At the primary level, e-education offers disabled students a convenient means to being educated. Physically challenged students who are continuously dealing with stress and fear, have no need to travel a long distance to attend physical classes.

Now online education provides many degree-related programmes for higher education. E-education also taught you every skill which would be required for your degree and job. With the help of online education programmes, everybody can learn any skills. Whereas through various workshops they provide you practical knowledge.

The various website that can help you to get your degree while seating at your home and you can learn skills from top mentors of the particular field across the world. With e-education, any type of disabled students at their house comfort, gain easy access to all educational material and educational institutions. Through this they explore the world more freely, removing all fears and discouragement of learning.

Pros and cons of Online education

· Online education is also a convenient way for caretakers and families of a disabled person.
· Get easy access to any educational institutes and study material.
· E-education removes the trouble physical exhaustion for mobile impaired students.
· There is no adverse socioeconomic situations.
· Online learning provides convenient times and space for the disabled.
· Digital divide is the major hindrance during online education.
· In developing countries like India lack of proper infrastructure is the root cause that students face problems while online learning.
· Lack of proper network and internet connection across the country.

In this digital era if any students are deprived of education due to their physical disability then people are not disabled by their bodies, they are disabled by society and government. In this digital era, there is a need to developed accessibility guidelines and professional staff to encourage physically disabled students.

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