Have your Gas Booking Number? Indane is just a call away!

Gas Booking Number

Indane is the largest coveted superbrand when it comes to cooking gas, and has successfully replaced the old way of cooking along with hazardous smoke from chulas and has ensured safety and reliability in every household. Normally one can book their Indane gas online by registering with their Gas Booking Number and can check the availability and cost of the cylinder side by side.

Indane makes sure that their cooking gas is accessible to all for a comfortable time in the kitchen. indane gas has three major sections of supply that people can use according to their needs.

The company offers a compact 5kg cylinder for rural, hilly, and the most inaccessible areas of the country. Secondly, they have their 14.2 kg cylinders which are widely used for household purposes, and lastly the 19 and 47.5 kg cylinders which are used for commercial purposes whatsoever.

The agency has also stated that an individual can get their registrations for a new gas connection just by giving a call at 8454955555.

By ringing this number, cooking gas can get booked and get delivered to your doorstep. This missed call facility can help those people who are not conveniently using the online portal and the voice response system particularly the elderly section of the society and those who are not much educated and aren’t aware much about technology.

The most special thing about this initiative is that the customers won’t get charged for the calls that they will make, this will help the customers to book their Indane gas in just very simple steps.

All that customer needs to do is give a miss call and then a message confirming their gas booking number will be sent on their phones. In January, the petroleum and natural gas and steel ministry urged the cooking gas companies to fasten the distribution process and ensure that booking is done without any hassle.

Indane gas was the first one to do it, they took customer’s gas booking numbers and increased their duration of delivery to just a day or less.

This missed call service proved to be extremely beneficial for the Indane gas agency as this convenience led to a huge rise in the number of customers, more and more people enrolled for membership due to which the status of the company in the market was set to arise.

This missed call facility to book indane gas without even telling them anything and getting the gas booking number automatically was first started in the capital city of Goa, Panaji. Slowly by looking at the results, the agency under Indian oiL corporation LTD decided to make it Pan India.

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