Greta Thunberg Asked The Global Community To Help India Amid The Covid-19 Crisis

Image Courtesy: WWD

Teenager environmentalist Greta Thunberg took it to Twitter on Saturday expressing her concern over the ongoing coronavirus crisis in India. The climate change activist deemed the current situation as “heartbreaking” and also appealed to the global community to come forward and help India out in these difficult times.

“Heartbreaking to follow the recent developments in India. The global community must step up and immediately offer the assistance needed,” the 18-year-old tweeted.


Along with her tweet, Thunberg shared a news report by Sky News regarding India’s prevailing health crisis as the country reports over 3 lakh cases for consecutive days.

This is the second time Thunberg has tweeted regarding an Indian issue, the first being on the Farmer’s protest which received a mixed reception from the entire country. Celebrities and big political figures including Narendra Modi, Amit Shah were against the activist getting involved in India’s ‘internal matters’. However, the global pandemic is claiming the lives of many and it poses a much bigger threat to humanity. It’s only natural an activist like Greta would take the initiative to do her part.


In a new record high, India has recorded the highest daily surge in the world with more than 3.46 lakh Covid-19 infections. With this, the country’s total caseload has crossed the 1.66 crore mark. India has also registered the deadliest day of the pandemic with 2,624 deaths within 24 hours. Delhi and Maharashtra recorded the highest-ever number of deaths in a single day. Saturday was the third consecutive day when over three lakh cases were reported.

Currently, the total number of active Covid-19 cases in the country has surpassed the 25 lakh-mark. More than 1.89 lakh people have been announced dead since the beginning of this pandemic last year. India has been recording over 2 lakh cases every day since 15 April and the numbers seem to be only increasing.