Google Drive New Security Update: How It May Affect Your Existing Files?

Google Drive

Google is all set to release a security update on September 13, 2021. This update will alter the file-sharing links of existing ones that were created on Google Drive before November 2017. This modification will only affect links to non-native files shared by Google Drives. However, links to native Google files such as sheets, docs, slides, and others will be unaffected.

Google will notify users who are now using or manage impacted files via mail within July 26. The notification will encompass a link to a listing of the affected files that the user can review.

Have you received the notification from Google? If Yes, then carefully review the files first. Determine if any documents, websites, or other items need to be updated with the new sharing link.

Google will send a direct mail notification to users. This mail will include instructions to proceed accordingly. The point to be mentioned here is, unless you receive any notification there is no need to take any action on your own.

Below mentioned is an example of what exactly the message looks like:

From: Google Drive (via Google Drive) <[email protected]>
Subject: Security update for Drive

A security update will be applied to Drive On September 13, 2021, Drive will apply a security update to some of your files to make file sharing more secure. This update will change the links used for files and lead to new access requests for impacted files. Access to these files won’t change for people who have already viewed them.

After the update is applied, you can avoid new access requests by distributing the updated link to your file(s). Follow instructions in the Drive documentation
See files with the update.

How to survey if any of your files are impacted?

Users can visit this “Drive Link” from a browser or device that is signed in to a Google Drive account. This will help to know if any of their files be of the new change.

What steps should I take?

It is recommended to follow the instructions properly. Look at them and act on your affected Google Drive files accordingly. You have to share a replacement updated link (URLs) for any of your files this may also require access via a link, whether on websites or posted elsewhere.

What files are at risk?

This security update will only affect non-native Google files (such as Microsoft Word, PDFs) that are shared before November 2017. Google files such as docs, sheets, slides, and forms will remain unaffected.