Free Web Hosting – Is It Really Worth It?

Free web hosting

Web hosting is essential for your website to keep running. However, the cost of setting up and maintaining a website is very high with a good host. Therefore, choosing a free web hosting provider can be a good substitute. But is it really worth it? You have to be cautious because we discovered that only eight of the 18 free website providers are actually worth your time.

Web hosting allows your website to be accessed via the Internet. They allow you to concentrate on the essential things, such as creating your beautiful website while they maintain it keeps you online on World Wide Web.


Because you are receiving a free service, you are free of the obligations with a paid subscription. None of the free website hosting providers that passed the test could compete with even the most affordable paid service on the market.

But there’s more bad news. We discovered that some web hosting providers’ websites were not secured. Which makes us doubt their ability to provide the level of service you’d expect from paid providers. Remember, “You get what you pay for?” It is especially true in the tech industry and mostly when it comes to web hosting.

Our advice is to avoid free hosting services as they are not suitable for most people. If your budget is tight, selecting the best cheap web hosting services may be a better option. However, if you’re not taking it professionally, it’s okay! Why did we say this? Here are the reasons:


Even the best free hosting is prone to instability, which can lead to downtime. It is absolutely necessary for your website to be stable and online at all times. Otherwise, it will lead to a bad user experience and it is not good for your website. Not at all. Furthermore, providers impose storage and bandwidth limits, limiting the growth and traffic capacity of your site. Your website’s performance may also be slowed down.

There are times when you want to consider free web hosting. It may be for a personal project. The same is true if you’re honing your web design and development skills and want a place to experiment with new ideas. You’re creating a testing area for new plugins or themes. In that case, the limitations of free hosting should not impede your goals. Of course, suppose you only need a staging site. In that case, you can use a local development tool like Local and skip the hosting altogether.

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