Finally, You Can Transfer iPhone Backup WhatsApp Chats to Your Android Device

backup WhatsApp chat

The instant messaging application WhatsApp has finally released the feature which users were waiting for so long. Now, WhatsApp will allow users to transfer their backup WhatsApp chats from their iOS device to Android phones. However, there’s a twist. As of now, the feature is currently only available for Samsung Android users.

This new function is to transfer backup WhatsApp chats from IOS to only Samsung smartphones. This news was confirmed by WhatsApp officially. The process, however, might not be as simple as it is across Android platforms. The reason is simple though. WhatsApp on Android and iOS have two separate cloud platforms to back up chat data.

So, how can you transfer your iPhone backup WhatsApp chats to your new Samsung device? First, you need to have a USB-C to Lightning cable in order to complete the entire process locally. Once both phones are connected, you’ll need to check a bunch of prerequisites properly to ensure the process runs smoothly. As for the beginners, make sure your Samsung phone at least has the Smart Switch version or newer.

As for the iPhone users, your device needs to have the WhatsApp iOS version or newer. However, Samsung users also need to check if they have the WhatsApp Android version or newer. These are the minimum requirements. Then, check if your Samsung phone has the Android 10 version or the latest. However, WhatsApp has said that the option will soon be made available for the older Android versions as well.

Then comes the hard part. This process is only possible if you’re setting up your Samsung phone for the very first time. Now, if you are already using a Samsung phone and want to take the backup WhatsApp chats, you need to factory reset your phone.

Now, to initiate the transfer of backup WhatsApp chats, first set up your Samsung phone and select Smart Switch as the mode of transfer. You’ll see a pop-up question and you’ll be asked to scan a QR code on your iPhone. Once you do that, you’ll have to wait for a while. Then, after a while, you can open WhatsApp and log into your account with the same number from your Samsung smartphone. Keep in mind, this process only works one way from iPhone to Samsung.

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