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Exam Toppers Believe Social Media to Be Harmful

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For this generation, social media is a kind of drug for the youth. Social media is more addictive than any addictive substance out there. Almost every youth is more or less addicted to social media. In fact, the seniors and adults are also joining the awakening. However, those who have control over this addiction can easily achieve their career goals. Almost all the exam toppers who have ranked in any type of exam had one thing in common, they all stayed away from social media.

If you are very much focused on your goal and want to be excellent in that field, then you have to stay away from social media. According to a report, most of the toppers of the Civil service examination had one thing in common. To avoid distractions, they distanced themselves from social media.

On the contrary, it will be a criminal offense to assume that social media is all harmful. Even though there are many disadvantages of social media, there are some positive sides as well. If someone can use it in a limited way, it allows the users to access different forms of content that can help to reveal some new information that will widen their area of knowledge. Sometimes, it can also inspire the youth.

There are so many stories you find on the internet that why and how toppers quit social media? Therefore, here we don’t talk about the stories. We only try to know that social media is not a good tool. 

All India exam toppers from Jaipur, Kanishak Kataria said, “I considered social media a waste of time. Therefore, I deactivated all my social media accounts”. Almost every toppers have some kind of story. They all understood that social media is just a wastage of time and a means of distraction. Nowadays, fake news and misinformation are in the trend of social media, which can easily distract anybody.

On the other hand, many toppers used social media very wisely. Some of them used it to stay updated with the latest news. Some used it to look for study materials because it’s quite easy to share and access content through social media. There are many study groups available online as well. Therefore, we can sum up that social media is a double-edged sword. If you use it wisely then it can be a blessing for you. However, if you are not able to manage it properly then you end up becoming a failure.

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