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Engineering seats at decade’s low, 63 colleges to shut down in 2021


The total number of engineering seats in India has fallen to its lowest level during a decade. This is due to the reason the recurring theme of colleges applying for closure since 2015-16 and capacity reduction in others. All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) data, engineering seats in the low levels — undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma — have been reduced to 23.28 lakh. But the sad part is, this is the lowest figure in a minimum of a decade. In 2021, the total seat reduction is estimated to be 1.46 lakh because of college closures.

Engineering seats at AICTE-approved institutes hit their peak of nearly 32 lakh in 2014-15. Some have been held responsible for the decline in the engineering industry’s consolidation, which began seven years ago when budget cuts pushed colleges to shut. From that time, approximately 400 engineering colleges have close their doors. Additionally, this pandemic caused last year, minimum of 50 colleges have been closed since 2015-16. The AICTE has accepted the closing of 63 colleges this year.

Approval to set up new engineering colleges is at a five-year low. The AICTE stated in 2019 about a two-year moratorium on setting up new institutes, beginning 2020-21 following a recommendation from a government committee.

Therefore, the approval rate for the launch of engineering institutes by the technical education regulator is at a five-year low. The AICTE announced a two-year moratorium on new institutions beginning in 2020-21 in 2019, under the advice of a government committee chaired by BVR Mohan Reddy, chairman of IIT-Hyderabad.

“For the 2021-22 academic year, 54 new colleges have been approved by the AICTE” stated Anil Sahasrabudhe to one of the news agencies. He said that “these approvals were to establish engineering colleges in backward districts and the requests had been pending for some time”.

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