Did You Know About These Hidden Gmail Features?

hidden Gmail features

Gmail is one of the most widely used free email services in the world. There are tons of features available on the email dashboard that you don’t even use. In fact, there are some features, you may didn’t even know to exist. Seriously, if you use these 5 hidden Gmail features, you can really improve your experience using the platform.


The Smart Compose feature is a unique feature that allows the user to insert predicted words or even entire phrases while writing emails. If you’re using a PC, just press the tab key to use the feature. In case you’re on your smartphone, you can access it by clicking at the end of the given predicted phrase or word. To turn this feature on, go to the general tab, scroll down and you’ll see the “Smart Compose” option. Click on the “Writing Suggestions On”.


Want to send an email at a precise time? Gmail has that for you as well. Just write your mail and once you’re done, slide down and click on the “Schedule Send” option. Set the exact time you want to send your email by clicking on “Pick date & time”. It can be done both from PC and smartphones. This is one of the most useful hidden Gmail features there is.


There is an advanced tab option that allows you to get rid of that old-school procedures. Available on both Android and PC, this feature takes you to the next or the previous email as soon as you archive or delete a conversation. Sadly, the option is not available on iOS.


Another one of the best hidden Gmail features that allow you to get more emails on the page. No more repetitive clicking to read more! For this, you have to change the option for Maximum page size. Go to your Gmail dashboard and click on the general tab settings. You’ll find the option to increase the mails per page option and view 100 mails per page compared to 50 which is set by default.


Want to find an old email but all you have is a date? No problem! Gmail lets you search emails by date. Did you forget the specific date? No issues. You can set a time frame like BEFORE: 08.01:2021 to AFTER: 08.01.2021. It will help you narrow down your search and can prove to be a very convenient option.

Try these hidden Gmail features today and use them to their full extent!

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