“Covid-19 new variant that is immunization resistant” – Do you know why?

Image Courtesy: The Conversation

The world now at the present situation is battling against the second wave of COVID-19, as the new study states that maintaining two meters with the co-workers or co-passengers is not enough to eliminate this virus as there are still chances of contracting the new infection. However, the new variants came up with several questions like: Are people more at risk for getting sick? Will the COVID-19 vaccines still work? Are the new COVID2.0 variants immunization resistant?

Well, the researchers are concerned about the COVID2.0 variants; they asserted that the mutations could affect treatment and prevention. Moreover, they found that this new variant with two new mutations can result in better avoiding the immune system. First acknowledged in the United Kingdom 2020, a new variant of the virus that causes COVID-19 has enhanced concern throughout the world. Recently, the world media has been humming with news and conjecture about a new alternative of “SARS-CoV-2”, the virus in charge of COVID-19.


How Is The New Variant Different From The Older Ones?

A mutation of a virus usually occurs when there is a swap in its genetic sequence, creating a variation and driving virus evolution. Both the new and old mutations are alarming as they are situated in the key portion of the virus, the spike protein from which they can enter the human cells.

The new mutation is accounted for changing the “spike protein”. By doing so, they can easily penetrate the human body and multiply faster than the old one. The thing that we should be concerned about is that this mutation makes it harder for the immune system to acknowledge the virus due to its slightly different shape than the previous one. This indicates that our immune system is not able to recognize the virus in order to create antibodies against them.

Now the question arises that how does this new variation emerge? The answer is quite simple. It is due to the sustained viral replication in areas with high circulation. If you remember, Covid cases dropped up to the month of February. But again the daily cases toll is growing day by day. India’s daily growing tally of Covid-19 infections made the public health experts bother about the fact that this new variant could be racing through the crowded nation of more than 1.3 billion people.

Being a part of evolutionary biology, Viruses mutate all the time. Some mutations may weaken the virus, while others may make it stronger, helping it to proliferate faster or cause more infections. And this is one of them!


What’s Lying Ahead?

Standing in the present situation it is important to deal effectively with the new stains. Countries can use the World Health Organisation’s SARS-CoV-2 Risk Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to understand and know varied kinds of variants that are concerning properly.

Everyone should understand the mechanisms that are associated with the infectiousness and virulence of the COVID2.0 variant. The most important thing now is human behavior. More the people who are infected, the more chances there are for a mutation to occur. People should limit the spread of the virus by maintaining COVID-19 safeguards like wearing masks, keeping physical distance and practicing hand hygiene. These protocols will give the virus fewer chances to change. It may also lower the spread of more infectious variants if they do occur. In the mid-time, vaccinating as many people is not only necessary but essential for ensuring any modest levels of success in tackling this pandemic.

Stay Safe, Maintain Covid Protocols!