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Covid Hero From Kolkata: Meet The Chef Who Cooks Free Meals For Patients

Image Courtesy: India Today

As the Daily cases of the covid-19 pandemic continue to rise and terrorize India, several golden-hearted people are eagerly extending their helping hands for others. These very ears are coming into their kitchen and doing their best by providing free food to covid sicken families. Today Janta Power will introduce you to one search Covid Hero named Sujata Rampuria. Sujata (39) is a home chef from Park Street, Kolkata. She is engaged in feeding covid-19 patients all across her area and that also free of cost.

As per the documents, Sujata provides almost 20-24 meals daily on a 24-hour prior notice. In an interview, she stated that considering all the pain and suffering all around us, she decided to try her best to help others along with her husband. This home chef is also supported by her friends and kids. She stated that as she has to prepare the food by herself. Hence, she needs the order before 24 hours to make sure she can prepare the same. She added that without prior notice it was difficult for her to manage the strategy.


Sujata bears the cost of food delivery. The girl uses Uber connects and Swiggy to get her food packages delivered to potential customers. She made this decision of delivery so that the patients don’t have to come out to take their food instead it will get delivered directly to their doorsteps making the whole process much convenient. Some days earlier Sujata shared an Instagram post of the packages she delivers and within a minute she got a lot of appraisal from her friends and people out there.

Now, what is in the meal box of Sujata? The meal of Sujata consists of a green vegetable that is rich in fiber, daal that is high in protein, accompanied by Roti or rice and salad. Sometimes she also prepares idli sambar and vegetable Khichdi from time to time. The meal box is a pure vegetarian meal.

The idea of delivering home cook meal to covid-19 patients came after her friend tested positive for the novel coronavirus. She said that it happened and she was down with covid, hardly anyone was there to help her out and this was the time when she understood that cooking, especially home cooking is the thing she can do and help more people around there. Nowadays mostly all of the families are nuclear and in the present situation hardly any family members are around to help each other. Confronting in this position anyone can hardly call the restaurant or get help from others. This idea made her realize that numerous others are starving like this. Thus the story of her free meal delivery got started.

She is grateful to her husband Jeetu Rampuria along with her parents Shri Prakash Chaudhari and Sarita Chaudhari who are helping her in this initiative. They together deliver lunch and dinner to the people of Park Street. When Sujata was asked about her struggle she stated that the only thing that lacks is manpower. It is about a month past since she started this free delivery but except for manpower she hardly faced any challenges. The cook prepares the food by herself and since her friend recovered she also has been helping Sujatha in the kitchen. Sometimes when the orders are huge in number her friend gives a helping hand.


Thanking her parents Sujata said that it is from them what she learned to help each other. She also wanted to deliver the message of helping each other in this critical condition. The message of the people is to do your bit and get their children involved so that the upcoming generation is ready to face and make the world a better place to live in. She also stated how good she felt to add a bit of a smile to those people who are starving and fighting against the Deadly virus. In the end, Sujatha is also happy e as the food to prepare for the people is liked by them a lot. Some of them even message Sujatha that they never knew that vegetarian food could be so tasty.

We salute all the covid heroes like Sujata who are fighting daily to curb the ongoing pandemic.

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