Collab and Reel Ads: The new exciting upcoming features of Reels


Instagram creators may now add collaborators to their Feed Posts and Reels with the new feature. Instagram has planned on adding advanced features, such as Collab and Reel Ads, while India has already checked that out. The new ‘Collab’ feature will allow users to collaborate with another content creator when posting Posts and Reels. 

How does Collab work?

When the other user accepts the request, both accounts linked will display on the Post or Reel, and the same will be shared with both accounts’ followers. The feature will allow the sharing of Posts and Reels created in collaboration with others by users and content providers. Instagram also states that the new feature would let both users see the post’s shared comments.

Note: The other account must also be eligible for the ‘Collab’ feature and approve your request.

How to Use the ‘Collab’ Feature?

1. Go to Instagram and start posting pictures, videos, or Reels.

2. After some changes, you will be allowed to tag others.

3. Now, select the ‘Tag People’ option, which allows you to invite other creators by selecting the ‘Invite Collaborator’ option.

4. Search for and add the person with whom you wish to collaborate. You have to wait for their approval of your request.

5. If the request is approved, the creator’s name will appear as the tagged person and in the header area of the post or Reels.

Note: One thing to keep in mind is that only public account users are allowed to test this function when invited. 

What is Reel Ads?

The ads will be full-screen mode and vertical, like ads in Stories, and will run during each reel. The story is a feature in which viewers may post photos and apply effects and layers to them. After 24 hours, the stories will disappear. The Reels ads will run for up to 30 seconds. Viewers can comment, like, save, and share the content.

“We have just launched Reel’s ads too, to help businesses reach greater audiences and allow people to discover inspiring new content from brands and creators,” said Sandeep Bhushan, director, and head of global marketing solutions of Facebook India.

Shradha Agarwal, strategy head and chief operating officer of Grapes Digital said, “The new ‘Collab’ feature will be yet another way to improving platform interaction.” She also added that “It will become easier for brands to use a feature such as Collab to bump up their reach using multiple influencers at one time. I also believe that using this collab feature brands can also indulge in co-created campaigns and banter, which was only restricted to a platform such as Twitter.”

The new features are currently under beta-testing with access to only a limited number of users. Others can expect the Collab and Reel Ads feature to be available soon.