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Christian Bale set to play supervillain Gorr The God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder

Christian Bale
Photo Courtesy: Times of India

After playing the iconic role of Batman in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Trilogy”, Christian Bale is set to join the MCU as Gorr The God Butcher in the Chris Hemsworth starrer “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

Bale’s version of Batman is considered as one of the best if not THE BEST batman portrayal ever. Now, he will be hanging the superhero cape and take on the role of a supervillain named Gorr. Gorr is also known as the God Butcher is expected to put the big bad of MCU, Thanos to shame.


Gorr is a powerful misotheistic alien who only has hatred towards all gods and kills each one he crosses paths with. The God Butcher uses All-Black the Necrosword to kill gods all across the cosmos which gained him the God Butcher title. According to rumors, the makers of the franchise are suggesting that Gorr, played by Christian Bale will probably be the next bringer of doom in phase 4 of MCU as they didn’t want Bale’s character to be a “one-off”.

Tessa Thomson who played the role of Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok, first confirmed the rumors of the Academy Award winner Christian Bale’s involvement in the MCU at a red carpet event. She said in a video, “Christian Bale is going to play our villain, which is going to be fantastic. Yeah! It’s going to be good,” and it went viral on social media.


This is not the first time when an actor played both DC and Marvel characters. In fact, Christian Bale is following Micheal Keaton’s footsteps as he also played the role of the iconic Batman and later went on to play the villainous Vulture against Tom Holland’s wall-crawler in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Keaton is set to reprise his role as Vulture in Spider-Man 3 as well. There are also actors like Ryan Reynolds and Halle Berry who found significant success after switching to the Marvel side.

However, Christian Bale has already done a great job as Batman, and fans still demanding to bring him back once again on the silver screen as the Caped Crusader. There’s no doubt he will nail the role of Gorr the God Butcher and awestruck the fans once again.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ are now slated for a May 6, 2022 release with Taika Waititi returning to the director’s seat. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, both will return to play their titular roles.



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