Janta Power is hiring! Join our team and help us accomplish our vision to create a media outlet that is unbiased and devoted to the public.

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are looking forward to excelling their career in the media industry. Our requirements are quite simple,

First Things First

Make sure you belong to the Journalism and Mass Communication stream!

Your Consideration

Done? Great! Now, for the real requirements! Have to work for the company as an integral part of it, not as an employee. Don’t misinterpret Janta Power as a typical corporate firm that doesn’t care about their employees. We consider our employees to be a part of our family and ask for the same from their side as well.

News Doesn’t See Time

You must be willing to work beyond your time boundations if the company asks for it. Obviously, we are not asking for your 24-hours dedication but you have to be the man in the need of the hour.

Your Focus is What We Ask

You have to be focused on your work instead of salary and increment. The management keeps a close eye on every member of the Janta Power group and always rewards the deserving. Play your part and we take care of the rest.

The Right Skills

You have to be a goal-oriented person with good time management skills. Be dedicated to achieving your goal and showcase your skills with your work  Never miss a deadline!

So, if you think you can fit the shoe, we are more than willing to make you a part of the family. Email your CV to us and start your success journey with Janta Power today.

EMAIL: [email protected] / [email protected]