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hidden Gmail features

Did You Know About These Hidden Gmail Features?

Gmail is one of the most widely used free email services in the world. There are tons of features available on the email dashboard...

The Tools For A Strong Democracy

Democracy is the fine art of a government that actually provides stability to the political system, in simple words it means that the system...

The Misuse of Feminism: Pseudos of The Society

Feminism has multiple meanings, people in society often tend to perceive these meanings differently. Feminism, however, is responsible for the advocacy of equal rights...

The Story of Hiware Bazar, An Indian Village with 60 Millionaires

Tucked away in the isolated Ahmednagar district of the western Indian state of Maharashtra, Hiware Bazar once was in the grip of poverty and...
Weight Loss Mistakes

The Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

Suppose your weight loss diet fails despite doing everything correctly. It may be time to reflect and investigate the most prominent weight loss mistakes....