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“Investment”- A Game For The Rich And Fear For The Poor!

Rich and poor is not a class but isis also a mindset. Steve Siebold a Self-made millionaire said, “wealth is a learnable skill, if...
Indian media

Indian media: a watchdog of society or a lapdog for politicians and corporate

Recently someone stated that instead of doing its job as the watchdog, nowadays, media transformed into a lapdog of the government. Indian media always...
World Standards Day

“14th October” – World Standards Day!

On the day of October 14 every year, we celebrate World Standards Day, commonly called International Standards Day. This day is celebrated to express...
Indian Celebrities

Indian Celebrities who Confessed and had History with Drugs

The Bollywood industry is full of glamour, fashion, and fame. But, behind all those glitz and glam there lurks a dark world of drugs...
Media Trial

Well Publicized Media Trial Cases That Destructed People’s Life

Media trial cases in India is not new. From Sunanda Pushkar's case to Sushant Singh Rajput's death and now the arrest of Aryan Khan...