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Bursting and Sales of Firecrackers Banned till Jan 2022

Air pollution is a worldwide issue. In a recent survey, ten cities of India are the most polluted in the world. Especially in the...
World Food Day

Know All about World Food Day 2021

Every year on the 16th of October, World Food Day 2021 is celebrated all across the world. The primary focus of the day is...
wearing a mask

Does wearing a mask really protect us?

In this pandemic situation every human wants to know that, are they taking the right precautions which can help in reducing the effect of...

“Investment”- A Game For The Rich And Fear For The Poor!

Rich and poor is not a class but isis also a mindset. Steve Siebold a Self-made millionaire said, “wealth is a learnable skill, if...
Indian media

Indian media: a watchdog of society or a lapdog for politicians and corporate

Recently someone stated that instead of doing its job as the watchdog, nowadays, media transformed into a lapdog of the government. Indian media always...