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Bursting and Sales of Firecrackers Banned till Jan 2022


Air pollution is a worldwide issue. In a recent survey, ten cities of India are the most polluted in the world. Especially in the festival time air pollution level riches at a new height. Therefore, Delhi and Rajasthan government has been decided to ban the sales and bursting of firecrackers from October 1, 2021, till January 2022.

Due to excessive air pollution in the National capital, The Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) has decided on a complete ban on sales and bursting of all types of firecrackers till January 1, 2022. Whereas the Rajasthan government has been fully banned firecrackers till the end of January 2022, to control air pollution.

According to the experts, there is a possibility of another wave of COVID-19. Therefore, extensive celebration by sales and purchasing or bursting of firecrackers will violate the norms of COVID-19 pandemic and on the other hand, high-level air pollution leading to serious health issues, which works as a supplementary for the virus.

Smoke and polluted air affect our respiratory system and lower our immunity. So bursting the firecrackers in the pandemic is not favourable for the health of a larger community.

DPCC said that National Green Tribunal considers for a program to handle air pollution. Further DPCC said, “it must be noted that the national capital battling against air pollution especially during the winter. Pollutants from stubble burning in neighboring states, vehicle smoke, and particulate matter from the construction work result in lower air quality. Hence, the bursting of firecrackers during festivals adds more spices in lowering the air quality”. Meanwhile, the Rajasthan government also gave a similar statement

National capital Delhi also urged its neighboring states such as Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to ban firecrackers and stubble burning.

Both Delhi and Rajasthan government has given instructions to their deputy commissioner and district magistrate of police to implement the government’s direction and take proper actions against whom who violet the rules. They also asked for daily actions taken report to it.

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