Borat-star Sacha Baron Cohen urges Google to ban Trump from YouTube

Image Courtesy - Yahoo

The famous actor from the Borat movie franchise, Sacha Baron Cohen has called on YouTube to ban Donald Trump from their services following Facebook and Twitter as it is the ‘right thing’.

In a tweet of his on Monday, the Hollywood star tagged the CEOs of YouTube and Google to address the matter. His tweet reads, “Virtually every social media company has removed Trump .EXCEPT YouTube,” Baron Cohen wrote. “Trump’s YouTube channel is STILL showing videos of his election lies to MILLIONS of people!” Retweet and tell @Google, @sundarpichai, @YouTube, @SusanWojcicki – do the right thing!”

Previously, Sacha Baron was seen expressing his deepest gratitude through his Twitter account towards Facebook and Twitter while appreciating their contribution towards the banishment of Donald Trump. He said that the banning of Trump’s account was one of the biggest events in social media history. “This is the most important moment in the history of social media. The world’s largest platforms have banned the world’s biggest purveyor of lies, conspiracies and hate. To every Facebook and Twitter employee, user and advocate who fought for this–the entire world thanks you!” Cohen posted on 9 January.

Last week on Thursday, Google’s newly formed workers’ union with 600 employees coming from Google’s parent company, Alphabet sent a critical open letter to YouTube executives while accusing the company of fostering fascism and failing to act in the aftermath of the US-Capital riot by Trump supporters. The letter especially criticizes the lack of action taken by YouTube other than just removing a video of Trump’s speech.

“YouTube refuses to hold Donald Trump accountable to the platform’s own rules by choosing only to remove one video instead of removing him from the platform entirely,” mentioned in the letter.

YouTube is currently one of the very few major platforms that are yet to restrict Donal Trump after the Capitol riot. This turned controversial as YouTube rival, Twitch was also fast to respond and remove President Trump’s account, while Twitter has permanently banned Trump from their social media site.


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