Best Free Video Conferencing Apps In 2021

free video conferencing

Depending on the industry, businesses and individuals have their personal priorities when it comes to video conferencing applications. Some small businesses focus on cost, while others prioritize security and reliability. Many people understand the differences between free video conferencing software and the paid ones. However, today, we will be talking about the prior.

Video meetings were still uncommon a few years ago for most people. Something you might do once a month if you worked in a big company’s office. Then, a global pandemic sent us all home early from work and school. Online meetings and classes replaced In-person events and these applications became our only source of communication.

Even as the world returns to face-to-face business meetings and children return to school, video conferencing tools have proven their worth. It is particularly true for freelancers, small businesses, and informal work partnerships. Small businesses and sole proprietors need video conferencing tools that are simple to use and accessible.


Zoom conference call offers a simplified service for group video calls. The Zoom conference call includes many features, such as screen sharing, local recording, breakout rooms, and camera filters, as well as 40-minute calls.


Skype, Microsoft’s older video calling tool, is still available. Your family might even use it to communicate with their grandparents on weekends when they call from their iPad. Teams are the preferred option for collaboration. Businesses that subscribe to Microsoft 365 get the entire Teams to feature set as part of their paid plan. Academic institutions and nonprofit organizations can get full-featured plans for free.


“Our free plan has limited access to certain features, but it’s a great way for you to try before you buy,” says WebEx. With customizable meeting layout options, screen sharing on desktop and mobile devices, whiteboarding, and the ability to save recordings, even the most frugal WebEx users can do a lot.


Twitch is the platform for live streamers to broadcast their video game sessions. Twitch is a free video-conferencing service that includes ads at regular intervals. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll have access to Twitch Prime. A premium experience that gives live streamers more broadcast storage.


Jitsi is a set of free video conferencing and instant messaging apps for the web. You can customize Jitsi to your liking. You even contribute to its development because it is open-source.


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