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Another Dalit Girl from Delhi raped, Another Murder in Gurugram


As we are moving towards a more civilized society, some incidents never fail to shock us and make us wonder “Are we really civilized?”. Such an example is the heartbreaking incident that took place in Gurugram.

A 13-year-old-girl was brutally raped and murdered in the Gurugram district of neighboring Delhi. Reportedly, the Dalit girl from the national capital was raped by their landlord’s relative. After an investigation, the police said that they have arrested the relative and they are also interrogating the landlord and his wife’s involvement in the crime. However, the accused has been recognized as Praveen, who is currently in police custody.

In an FIR documented with the police, the girl’s father told, “On July 17, my landlord’s wife said that her sister-in-law had given birth to a child and she was taking my daughter along with her to her brother’s home in Gurgaon. She also said that my daughter would stay there and could play with her brother’s daughter.”

It was on August 23rd when the father was informed by his landlord that his daughter had died, the FIR further states. On that day, about 7 pm, they took the body in a private ambulance to the girl’s Narela residence for cremation, it added.

Afterward, when the father got skeptical, he made a PCR call and Narela police station staff reached the spot. They took the body to the Babu Jagjivan Ram hospital in Jahangirpuri, the FIR asserted. The father accused that the landlady’s brother Praveen Verma, along with others, was responsible for the death of his daughter.

Just a few days before this month, another nine-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly raped and killed in the Delhi Cantt area. The girl died under skeptical conditions even as her parents stated that she was raped and forcibly cremated by a crematorium priest in southwest Delhi’s Old Nangal village.

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