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Andy Jassy: Meet the Man to Take Over the $1.7-Trillion Amazon Empire

Andy Jassy
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As the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos steps down as the CEO of Amazon a new legacy begins. Bezos announced his retirement and followed through on July 5, 2021. The next one to take on the role will be Andy Jassy! But just who is this individual? Is he up to the enormous task he is bestowed upon!

Jeff Bezos is a genius and you can rest assured that he would choose his successor to be someone equally capable to handle his empire, if not better. However, Jassy’s early days in the multi-million dollar company is kind of a funny story. After graduating from Harvard Business School, Jassy joined the company. After a few years, he almost got fired during lay-offs! Can you believe it? According to the book “Amazon Unbound” by Bloomberg journalist Brad Stone, Andy was saved by Bezos himself, as his colleagues reported.


However, the book emphasizes how Jassy is almost like Bezos himself in all the good ways! He embodies everything that Bezos stands for! Jassy is known for his determination who can sit through countless hours of meetings, do piles of paperwork, and has an “inhuman level discipline”. It’s pretty obvious he is the most suitable candidate to handle one of the largest companies there is!

Prior to taking up the role of CEO of Amazon Inc., Andy Jassy was the CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS was considered the backbone for the business during the early 2000s. It served as the software cloud-computing arm of Amazon that provided revenue and capital is required for more investments and tie-ups. AWS was Amazon’s secret weapon and Jassy was the general.


However, Jassy will be put to the test when it will be about handling business in India. Amazon has to come face-to-face with its biggest competitor, Flipkart. Dealing with the increasing competition with a native e-commerce giant and the revisions by the Indian government of FDI (foreign direct investment), Jassy will have his hands full while dealing in India.

Andy Jassy has proven himself in his previous endeavor. However, his new responsibility will be an ocean compared to a sea. It will not just be about expanding the business in the booming Indian market, but also keeping it thriving while maintaining a healthy relationship with the Indian government. He is groomed by Bezos himself. The expectations from him will be pretty high from the 53-year-old.

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