The New Era of Online News

Online News Websites are the digital version of Newspapers and it’s highly recognized by the readers as well. Janata Power, a part of the JP Media Pvt. Limited, wants to make things a little easier and convenient for the audience that seeks unbiased news. Starting from human interest to sports, entertainment, and national to international news, we cover every aspect of the news world.

JP Media Pvt. Limited is a start-up that is headquartered at Noida and aims to have its branches across other cities of India. We aim to become one of the most preferred and reliable media houses in India.

Why Choose Janta Power?

Janta Power breaks the cliched, abstract, and stature reporting of traditional news agencies by introducing a steady output of the well-researched news with features and interviews. The professional team incorporates the design, and their marketing expertise by creating a Web, Mobile, and Social Media presence that delivers outstanding reporting for the readers. 

Our News Agency is committed to helping the citizens, business leaders, readers, and officers to know about the prevailing topics and stay up-to-date with the current trends and affairs. We aim to achieve the trust of all our readers by providing top-notch news on recent and upcoming events, be it political, sports, or related to the human interest!


Janata Power aims to help readers by broadcasting valuable news on a wide range of topics. That can be on Health, Educational, Politics, Entertainment, and so on. Our vision is a better engagement of our audience and to keep them informed about what’s going on with the world currently.


Transparency is quite an important prospect of journalism. Hence, our writers are only after good research of various events publish their article over the portal. While providing a reliable source of the news we deliver, our writers always try to maintain the transparency we promise.

We know how dishonest and ill-impactful fake statements can be. So, our news transparency is always kept at the top-most priority over anything.


All our stories undergo multiple scrutinies by a number of editors who recheck the article before publishing. Editors check the articles and re-confirm any question that they have before catering it to the readers. We make sure that the readers are never misinterpreted.


People all across the world want unbiased news irrespective of any any sentiment. The current state of journalism and news reporting in India is faced with heavy criticism. Janta Power aims to stand in the face of that issue and do our end of the bargain!

We have put up a team of highly enthusiastic young yet experienced writers who believe in the core principles of journalism. Their only goal is to deliver impartial and completely unbiased news articles for our readers without any political spin. 

Janta Power: We Report to Our Readers

We believe in the power of the people. Only by spreading awareness and putting out the truth in front of the world with our news and articles, we will be able to bring change in the community. Be it politics, business or sports, and even entertainment or science, our goal is to keep our readers informed about everything that matters in today’s world. It’s not for any political party or any specific organization! Janta Power is only answerable to our readers, the PEOPLE. After all, our name gives it away!

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